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We specialize in Houston home staging that feels as if it has been designed for BUYERS to fall in love with and for HOME SELLERS to get the BEST possible PRICE for their home and sell their Houston property faster.



Staging Your Home Can Change The Game

Whether you need occupied or vacant home staging, we are the Houston home staging company you need to partner with.

Home Staging Houston, TX works under the leadership of the Just Organized by Taya team and we help homeowners, real estate agents, and even fellow interior designers with all of their Houston home staging needs.

Now is the time you need to wow prospective buyers every time. With Home Staging Houston TX providing you the professional home staging solutions, you have our word that renewing and staging your home can change the game!

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Staged Designs That Don’t Look Staged

A professional home stager creates home staging that doesn’t feel staged, it simply brings out the best in the space. It creates a look that buyers can imagine themselves living in.

Thanks to our interior design magic, staged homes showcase beautifully in print, online, and in person. We work tirelessly to ensure that every Houston home we stage sells in the shortest possible time and for the best possible price.

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Houston Home Staging Portfolio

From color consulting to vacant home staging, interior redesign to procurement of furniture and accessories that best fit your home, we have done it all with unparalleled success.

Browse through our Houston home staging portfolio page and discover why our home staging captures the hearts of potential buyers and gets them to buy so quickly, for the best price.

Home Staging in Houston TX

Our team has decades of combined experience in Houston home staging and Houston home styling industry. They all possess extensive knowledge of both interior and exterior design and have unmatched track record of success.

Do I Need to Stage My Home for Sale?

Home Staging Houston TX - Houston HomeIn the Houston real estate market, it has almost become the norm for real estate agents to suggest to their clients that they seek out a great Houston Home Staging professional and have their home professionally staged before putting it on the open market for sale. What was once considered a trend reserved for those with very high-end properties has now become affordable – and within the easy reach of – the average Houston homeowner who is interested in the idea – and in getting top dollar for their home.

Professional Home Staging is not, however, without cost- although some real estate agents may offer to contribute to the expenses of Staging as a part of their marketing package – it is a worthwhile investment that will get an ROI.

So do you need to stage your home?

The straightforward answer is no, Houston home staging is not mandatory. Yes, you can sell your home without it but is it worth leaving money on the table by not staging? The fact is the benefits offered by home staging are pretty impressive, and most Houston home sellers who do opt for professional home staging feel very strongly that the return on their investment is more than worth it.

What is Home Staging?

Home Staging Houston TX - What is Home Staging?As home staging is a relatively new concept in Houston – it’s only been around for a decade or so – it’s not unusual that many home sellers know little about what home staging even is. Essentially, the name describes it very well though. Home staging brings out the best in a home, emphasizing its best features, its functionality and helps to present the house in a cleaner, brighter and certainly more appealing way to the visiting buyer. This way, the potential buyers who may only be at the ‘browsing listings online’ stage of buying won’t miss out on your home.

Should You Consider Home Staging?

Home Staging Houston TX - Should You Consider Home Staging?Not every home needs to be staged. But, according to many real estate agents, most Houston homes will undoubtedly benefit from it. Vacant Houston homes will certainly benefit from staging. Many people struggle when trying to visualize what a home is really like or what it might be like to live there if it’s empty. Being able to visualize yourself in space is very helpful when considering buying a home. But a home doesn’t have to be vacant to benefit from Home Staging. Homes that are still occupied with its homeowners will gain a great deal as well.

The property may not need to be fully staged – many times a home staging professional will try to use what furnishings you have first. When furniture is dated or visible worn, it is worth renting furniture. A home staging professional will  come in and help the homeowner make the most of what they already have in place and add extra interior design touches as needed.

But, going back to the biggest question of all; do I have to stage my Houston, TX home? To try and answer that question in more detail, here are some points to keep in mind as you decide whether or not to stage your Houston home for sale.

Are You Hoping for a Quick Sale?

Home Staging Houston TX - Quick SaleMost people who put their home up for sale are hoping that the process of selling their Houston property and moving on will be as quick and painless as possible. The longer a home is on the market, the more likely it is that potential buyers will think there must be something wrong with the house and choose not to add it to their list of Houston properties to view.

According to statistics compiled by their Housing and Urban Development Department, nationwide in the US staged homes remain on the market for 73% less time than homes that are not staged and may sell for up to 17% more than a property that has not been staged. And the figures for Houston, TX are very similar. 73% is a lot of time saved, and who wouldn’t want to do that? Faster closing means a quicker move to your new space, less hassle and a, speedier start to the next exciting chapter of your life.

Are You Hoping for Top Dollar For Your Home?

Home Staging Houston TX - Top Dollar for Home?Going back to those stats we just mentioned. Staged homes sell for up to 17% more. 17% of, let’s say, $400,000. That’s $68,000 — over $60,000 more at closing as a result of home staging. Even when staging your entire home, staging costs are only a tiny fraction of that, partial home staging even less. We’d say those figures indicate a rather good ROI, wouldn’t you?

Do You Want Sellers to See Your Houston Home for Sale At Its Best?

Home Staging Houston TX - Do I Need to Stage My Home?Most home sellers harbor a desire to see their home go to someone who will love it as much as they do. Home staging can help potential homeowners really ‘see’ themselves living in the space more efficiently. You want buyers to see themselves as the future owners of your home with ease, because these people are then more likely to make the quick and attractive offer you are looking for.

Still on the fence? Talk to the team at Home Staging Houston TX. We can tell you all about what we do, our past Houston Home Staging and interior decorating projects to see just what we might be able to do for your home. The right decision is easier to make when it’s an informed decision, and Houston home staging will always be more effective when it’s undertaken by an experienced home staging professional. Contact us today to learn more. We’d love to help you get top dollar for that your home deserves.

Taya handled staging of my home. I was looking for help to showcase my house so that it would move quickly. Taya worked with my compressed schedule, was incredibly responsive, and very professional. The end result was a lovely, inviting design that would appeal to many buyers, and my home went under contract within a week! Thanks Taya!!

Jenn P.

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3 – Step Process:

A start to finish service and a seamless and easy process.

Booking And Consultation

The process begins with an initial consultation. We will assess what stays, what should be restored, how should we style what remains, what will be added, the purposes of the rooms, the room layouts and upgrades, and anything that directly appeals to the buyer’s emotions.

Staging And Styling

We will move on from the basics of property styling to more advanced home staging tasks and activities. We will take charge all of your interior and exterior home renovations to transform your home into a space which will appeal to buyers, tenants and valuers.

You Sit Back And Relax

We will provide our turnkey home staging solutions, take the weight off your shoulders, and ensure that your property sells quickly for the best price possible. And we will do it with minimum disruption to your life. In plain and simple terms, all you need to do is just sit back and relax.

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