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Most of us have a nagging issue or two in our homes that we would like to fix. Maybe your kitchen is just too dark to work in comfortably, or your bathroom is stuck in the Seventies.

Such things are often a background nuisance you work around when living in your home, but should you decide to sell your property they become a bigger problem, one that should be solved before the Houston home goes on the market.

The good news is that many common issues can be solved, and for less than you think. Here’s a look at some very common ‘flaws’ many homes have and how they can be effectively addressed.

A Kitchen That’s Too Dark

The “fatal flaw” of many kitchens is not having enough light. Fortunately, you can find several lighting updates to install for well under $1,000.

For example, add a beautiful “focal point” pendant light to instantly make your kitchen better lit and more stylish. Or add can lights or track lighting in a working area of the kitchen.

Another great option to brighten a dark kitchen with relative ease is under-cabinet lighting. It gives your kitchen a more modern feel and makes a great “night-lighting” option as well.

Kitchen Cabinets That Are Dated

What a potential buyer thinks about your kitchen cabinets can make or break their decision about the whole place. The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in any home and no one wants to buy a place where they hate the kitchen cabinets so much that they know they will need to replace them.

Cabinet replacements are expensive, but as long as yours are in good structural shape you don’t need to do that. You can your kitchen cabinets by painting them a fresh new color. Then, swap out the old hardware for something more modern and striking.

You’ll find several brands of premium glossy paint on the market to give your cabinets a professional-looking finish, whether you hire someone to paint the cabinets for you or decide to tackle the job yourself. Visit a local paint store — rather than a hardware store — and ask the staff to recommend a brand and type of paint for your project. Keep things neutral however, ensuring that you use colors that will appeal to as many home buyers as possible.

Old, tarnished hardware can make your cabinets look older and more dated than they actually are too. Installing some bright, shiny handles and knobs can make a huge difference in the overall look  and appeal – of your kitchen.

Bathroom Boosters

Is your bathroom living in the past? Fortunately, you can find lots of ways to update your bathroom for a reasonable price, and most of these projects can be accomplished by the average DIYer.

The changes you make really depend on what your bathroom needs. So, feel free to mix and match which updates work for you. Generally, you should be able to make several of the updates on the list below and keep your budget under $1,000.

Sample list of bathroom updates and materials cost

  • New vanity: $130-$300
  • Add tile backsplash above vanity: $6-$17 per square foot
  • New medicine cabinet with mirror: $50-$300
  • New toilet: $100-$300
  • New faucet: $50-$200

Not sure what flaws your Houston home may have that will need to be fixed before the home hits the market? Need help staging around flaws you are aware of. Contact us, we’ll be happy to discuss what we can do to help.