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If you have never worked with a home staging professional, or our team in particular, we thought we would share a few things you might have never guessed about our Houston home staging services.

1. Our Consultations Can be Incredibly Detailed.

Seriously. When we do a home staging consultation at a property we can give specific recommendations for every room, and we can advise clients exactly what furniture and decor can stay or go PLUS where to put it if it’s staying.

We can even, if the home calls for it, recommend specific paint colors and finishes for fixtures. We want to leave homeowners with all the tools they need so if they want to implement all our advice themselves, they know exactly what to do.

2. We Talk Marketing … Not Decorating Tips.

When we consult on a home, as we are very in tune with the local markets, we have a good idea of who the target buyer(s) are going to be, and we always tailor the appearance of the property to match what those clients would find appealing.

This takes into account the paint colors, style of furnishings, room functionality and more. And while we use interior decorating strategies to create balanced and harmonious spaces, our overall goal is improving the property’s marketability.

3. We Give Homework!

Yes, just like taking a course or a class we give our home staging clients homework to do so that they can improve the value and appeal of their home. Often it’s basic de-cluttering and moving some furniture around. Other times, it’s some interior painting and minor updates in addition to de-cluttering.

In our report, we give them things to do in a room by room format so that they can do all the ‘behind the scenes’ work in preparation for staging day. We always recommend between one and three weeks prep time AFTER the consultation so homeowners have enough time to get everything done.

4. We offer CHOICES not Ultimatums.

On TV home stagers or designers will often tell homeowners that they have to do things only one way to get their home ready for sale. Their way or the highway. We don’t believe in that philosophy. In fact, we do our best to provide our clients with a tier of options so that they can choose the best option for their budget and timeline.

We provide SOLUTIONS to problems. As part of our Houston home staging services, we do our best to provide solutions for our clients throughout the course of the consultation. From small tips on what we have found that works best for prepping the home with kids and pets to providing referrals for trades to get small projects done or furniture moved out.

We make sure that when we leave a consultation, it’s with our clients having as much information as possible to get their home work done.

5. We Work Hard to Empower Home Owners.

Yes, consultations and all the recommendations we give can be overwhelming to most people. So, in our Houston home staging services, we do our best to prioritize the important stuff, give them referrals, so they can get help, brainstorm to help them firm up their plans and overall, make them feel great about the process.

Sometimes it means finding middle ground between our sparkly ideal vision and what they can reasonably do. Regardless, we want our clients feeling like they ‘totally got this’ when we leave!

6. We Can Work Virtually

In light of recent circumstances, our Houston home staging services process has evolved too. Unable to go to client’s homes in person, we developed a virtual home staging consultation service that sees us make use of tools like Zoom, Skype and old-fashioned phone and email to help homeowners everywhere begin to stage their homes for sale.

While we will be resuming our bespoke and very personal physical home staging services as soon as is deemed safe for clients not in the Houston area our virtual home staging service will remain an option.

To learn more about our home staging services get in touch! You can call us at 832-271-7608  or complete the contact form here. We’re really looking forward to talking to you and discovering together how Just Organized By Taya’s home staging services can help you.