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There is a lot to consider when staging a home for sale. And while there are many things that are important to remember to do, there are also things that you should not do, including following home staging ‘wisdom’ that is now out of date and ineffective. Here’s a look at some less expected things that can be major turn-offs for Houston home buyers you should avoid.

Don’t Overdress Your Windows

It’s very tempting to spruce up your living space when staging it with some fancy new drapes or snazzy blinds, resist the urge. They might not align with your buyers’ tastes, and they’ll also block sunlight—a priceless commodity that works in your favor when you’re trying to sell a home. Stick to simple window dressings and try to ensure that your home is shown with as much natural light flooding into it as possible.

Don’t Bake Before an Open House

For years, real estate agents insisted on baking cookies just before an open house to make a home feel cozy and welcoming. While the idea was nice at first, over time it grew to be seen as what it was: little more than a sales ploy. Nowadays, you can skip the baking until you’ve moved into your new kitchen. Celebratory sugar cookies, anyone?

Don’t Overdo Scented Products

It’s wise to get your home smelling crisp and clean before prospective buyers arrive, but when it comes to scent, less is more. Fragrance is a very personal thing, and though your favorite aromatherapy candles smell heavenly to you, your buyers’ noses might disagree. Ditch those scented votives in favor of a subtle but great-smelling surface cleaner and some good old-fashioned fresh air instead.

Don’t Play Music During an Open House

It might sound charming in theory to have room-inspired tunes playing throughout the house as buyers walk through, but this is one open-house fad that’s unlikely to last. The reality is that your buyers will leave the open house feeling annoyed, not inspired, by the unwanted melody now stuck in their heads.

Declutter Your Home

Before you even start thinking about staging your home to appeal to Houston home buyers, you need to think about – and then implement – a plan to declutter it. While and empty home is rarely appealing to buyers – this the need for home staging even in a vacant property – a cluttered one is even less so.

Decluttering does not just mean removing personal photos and your more whimsical artwork. It also means getting all those gadgets off the kitchen counters and all those bottles of ‘stuff’ out of the bathroom. And, by the way, simply shoving it all in cupboards is not the answer. Home buyers open cupboards and closets and as storage is so important to almost every buyer, they need to see that there is plenty of it, not a pile of junk.

Not Getting Help

Getting professional help when staging a Houston home for sale really is a must. Not only does a professional home stager have the experience and expertise you need to stage your home as effectively as possible, but we will also be there to make sure your efforts stay on track and nothing gets missed, especially when it comes to that decluttering mentioned earlier.