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There isn’t a real estate agent in business today who won’t tell you that curb appeal is of huge importance when selling your home. After all, if the outside of a home for sale just does not look appealing very few potential buyers will want to even consider venturing inside. And it is for that reason that when you begin to think about staging your home for sale the exterior should match the great home staging you are implementing on the interior.

Take a slow walk around your property to give yourself an idea of what you’re up against, and then use the following tips as a checklist to get your outdoor staging on the right track.

Tip #1 – Basic Clean Up

Grab a pair of good, thick work gloves and a big garbage bag and then head outside to begin the most important part of outdoor staging; the basic clean up. Pick up any and all garbage around the property (those gum wrappers can get everywhere) and rid the space of weeds and dead plant material.

Next, it’s time to tackle the clutter. Garden hoses, kids toys, bikes, those pot plants that never did fare very well. Find them a new home out of sight or trash them, but ensure that the exterior of your home is as clean as possible. You will have to rinse and repeat this process a couple of times while your home is on the market to ensure everything stays in good shape but after the initial clean up session, it will be much quicker and easier.

Tip #2 – Trim Trees, Shrubbery and Hedges

Shrubbery and other greenery, even trees that have an unkempt appearance can often be misconstrued by a potential buyer as a sign of neglect, and give a bad impression of your house overall. Prospective home buyers who see shrubbery that has not been well maintained may not even be aware of that it impacts their opinion of the home, but in many cases it certainly does.

In addition, if there are trees, hedges or other plants that obscure a clear view of your home itself from the road then they should go now too. Although online home hunting is very popular as a starting point for many people’s property searches there are still plenty who will go for that weekend for sale sign hunt and so your home needs to make as good an impression as possible from 50 feet  away as well as five.

Tip #3 Add Some Living Color

The chances are good that the basic clean up may have left your garden looking a little bare. If so, it’s time for a trip to the garden center to buy – and then plant – some brightly colored flowers. As a general rule of thumb, annuals are cheaper than perennials and are easy to take care of, so they are probably best suited to the task. and go for bright, happy colors like pinks and yellows, the good ‘vibes’ really will radiate outwards.

Don’t just stick to flowerbeds either. Flowers are an especially nice touch under windows, on decks and in flowerpots. They create an extra level of warmth and depth, making your property appear nicely cared for as well as enjoyed.

Tip #4: Cultivate a Luscious Lawn

More than any other element of an outdoor landscape a well-manicured lawn is most likely to convey a sense of pride in ownership to potential buyers that will help the property as a whole make that all important good first impression. And that is not just my opinion. A number of studies have shown that when the landscaping of a home is in excellent condition, it can sell for around five percent higher while homes with badly cared for lawns and landscaping often end up selling for eight to ten percent less. And that is a big difference!

If you don’t have much of a green thumb and find growing nice green grass has been a challenge for you then consider making the investment in a professional consult from a lawn care or landscaping company. Yes it’s an extra expense but there is no way it could even begin to cost as much as what you might lose on the asking price!