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Here’s a question we hear a lot; what’s the difference between a Houston home stager and a Houston interior decorator? Well, they have a great deal in common, that’s for sure, and, perhaps initially confusing for potential clients, many home stagers also offer interior design and home decorating  services, us included. But there are distinct differences between the two What do we mean? Allow us to explain. If your home is going on the market for sale soon then you will already know the importance of making sure that it looks its very best. However, when a home is being readied for sale it needs to be prepped in order to appeal to as many buyers as possible. To a certain degree, it needs to be stripped of what makes it uniquely your home and reset as a space that someone else could easily imagine themselves living in. An interior decorator, on the other hand, will work with you to create a new version of your space that is suited to your very specific tastes. They will take into account your wants, preferences and personal design aesthetic every step of the way.

Why Should You Pay to Have a Home Staged to Appeal to Someone Else?

So now that you have a little more understanding of what the difference between a Houston home stager and a Houston interior decorator is, you may be wondering why you would pay someone to come into your home to create a space you might not even like. The answer is because, in most cases, it will lead to a faster home sale, at a better price. That’s not just my opinion as a Houston home stager either, there are actual hard stats to back that assertion up. You can read more about those in this report compiled by the National Association of Realtors. However, this part really stands out to demonstrate why home staging is beneficial to all sellers, not just those whose home might need a little extra ‘help’.
“When staging a home, 29 percent of sellers’ agents reported an increase of one percent to five percent of the dollar value offered by buyers, in comparison to similar homes. Twenty-one percent of respondents stated that staging a home increased the dollar value of the home between six and 10 percent. None of the respondents reported that staging a home had a negative impact on the home’s dollar value.” National Assoc. of Realtors
There’s no doubt that sometimes staging can be a little painful for some people. We – myself and my fellow home stagers – come into your home and often remove – or advise the removal – of many of those little things that have made the space your home, rather than just your house. Family photos, the cute but slightly kitschy kitchen curtains that you love, that big sofa that was your Grandmother’s – and that can be jarring, especially as it can serve as the point when you finally realize this moving thing is real. The good news is though, as a result of this you are far more likely to sell your property faster. This will then allow you to move on to your new place, where you can take all of that stuff back out and decorate your new place as you see fit, and maybe even hire an interior decorator to help ensure that things REALLY end up suiting your personal taste.