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Do you know what one of the biggest – and most common – mistakes made by homeowners trying to stage their own home for sale is? From experience (and a lot of coming in to help rescue a DIY staging project gone bad) we know it is that they forget – or never quite understood – the differences between interior design and home staging.

Interior design is all about you, the homeowner and how you want to live. It’s about using your home’s decor to express your own sense of style and your personality. What your interior decor looks like is up to you. If you like lots of plants and prefer a living room that looks a little like a jungle, that’s OK, you have to live there, no one else. But you can’t do that when staging a home for sale. Buyers would not be able to judge the size of the space and for some, the jungle look isn’t one they love.

When it comes to home staging it is all about the buyers. It doesn’t matter that you don’t like off-white paint colors, it is not for you. It doesn’t matter that you like to use your spare bedroom as a home office/gym, it is now going to convert back to a bedroom, because that’s what buyers want to see.

But there’s even more. This infographic that highlights the differences between the two home decor disciplines that it is crucial you understand: