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When Fall arrives most of us start thinking about fallen and dying leaves and plants dying off for the season, but there are in fact some wonderful flowers and even seasonal vegetables that thrive in the autumn that can be used to lend an air of warmth and cheer to your home as the weather cools.

Here are just a few ideas and tips for making the most of the ‘fruits of autumn’ to decorate your home in style:

Using Pumpkins All Season Long

Pumpkins are great to use for decoration for far longer than just for Halloween. A hollowed out pumpkin, filled with sunflowers and orange, yellow and red chrysanthemums and similar ‘fall flowers’ can make a wonderful centerpiece all season long.

To extend the life of your pumpkin vase make sure that you remove as much of the pulp as possible and that you place the flowers into a piece of florist’s oasis (the green spongy stuff.)

You do not have to limit your use of pumpkins in this way to just your indoor space either. Use a pumpkin flower arrangement to brighten up the entrance to your home, placing one next to the front door or even lining a set of steps or stairs with mini floral pumpkin arrangements.

Celebrate the Harvest

Another very effective decoration can be created using fall vegetables, especially if flowers are not quite your thing (or you want an even more autumnal look)

Fill a basket full of red and green apples, bright yellow squash, heirloom corn and other autumn flowers and place it anywhere in the house where you want to add a shot of seasonal color to add both warmth and whimsy to your home. Here in the Houston Region, we host some fabulous farmer’s markets, and they will be able to provide you with the best of everything you need to create a stunning display.

Sweet and Simple

The sunflower is a great Fall flower and a simple arrangement that makes use of them as the only star is simple but very effective and can be used to add a touch of gorgeous color to almost any space in any room.

A vase full of sunflowers can be especially effective in a room that tends to be a little darker as the nights get longer, as they really can add a little shot of sunshine to the space all by themselves.

Make Use of Those Leaves

You can also look to the ground for inexpensive and yet still effective fall decorating inspiration and use some of the leaves that have fallen to the there (or are about to fall) to create Fall inspired decor.

For example, if you head to the craft store you will find foam or wire wreath forms are usually on sale for just a few dollars. If you pick the very best of the leaves you can find outside you can use them to create a wreath that celebrates the season and cheerily welcomes guests for your front door.

To make the leaves – and therefore your fall wreath – last longer spray them with a simple lacquer spray that you can also find at almost every craft store.

Change Your Linens

Use the brilliant colors of fall flowers and vegetables as your inspiration and change your light airy summer linens – bed-sheets, drapes and table linen – for warmer versions in shades of red, yellow, orange and brown to help create an instantly warmer and more inviting vibe.