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Most Houston home owners hoping to sell their property are advised that they should try to stage their home to make it more appealing to potential buyers.

This is indeed generally good advice, but it is something often best left to a Houston home staging professional, as there are certain little mistakes and oversights many amateurs make when staging a home that should be avoided at all costs. Here are some of the most important of those:

Not Keeping the Front Entrance Tidy

You may have spent hours making sure that the interior of your home looks just right but have you checked that the front entrance to your home is tidy and free of dust and debris? This is something you have to ensure right before every single viewing of your home as a buyer’s initial impression begins to before they even enter your home.

Aside from sweeping on a regular basis try adding a colorful new doormat into the mix as well, just not one with any personal slogans , welcome is fine.

Getting Too Bland 

Homeowners often hear that when staging their home they need to depersonalize it. This is true, but it’s easy to go a little too far. Seeing multiple rooms decked out in beige or light gray might not turn buyers off, but it won’t make your home very memorable for them, either.

Your best bet is to include a little contrast in your neutral palette for visual interest. You can do this with simple things like throw pillows or wall art.

Not Making Sure All the Lights Work

Potential buyers do have a tendency to wander around a home opening cupboard doors and flicking lights on and off. Should they come across one that does not work that fact is likely to instantly trigger a red flag in their minds.

You know that the light bulb simply needs to be replaced, but in a potential buyers mind it can bring up the question of potential damage or possible repairs that might be needed, something that you really don’t want.

Not Removing Potentially Controversial Items

If you still live in home, buyers should not be taking too much notice of the books on your shelves or coffee table or the art on your walls, but the fact is that they do.

If people see things that evoke negative emotions such feelings may affect the way they feel about the house altogether. No, it shouldn’t matter and it shouldn’t be any of the buyer’s business what you choose to read or display, but the fact is that for some it does. Books or artwork that someone may consider even vaguely offensive to their tastes can do this all too easily so play on the safe side and remove everything before they arrive.

Not Paying Attention to Odors

Once have taken the most obvious steps to eliminate odors in your home be careful that the air fresheners you use around the place are not offensive in themselves.

Occasionally some can be a little too overpowering for people’s tastes and every bit as off putting as the odor they were meant to be disguising. Some people may even be allergic to heavy chemical air fresheners so you might want to consider more natural alternatives like potpourri or essential oil burners instead.