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Your choice of window treatments can make or break the overall appearance of an entire room. Often, you find that the simple act of adding new window treatments can transform a room in a matter of minutes, no expensive redecorating or remodeling required,a very neat trick indeed.

When choosing new window treatments one of the major considerations is whether you are going to opt for drapes or blinds for use in a certain room. Here are some points to consider when making that choice:


There is little doubt that a great pair of drapes can be the easiest way to add drama and elegance to a larger room. They come in so many color, material and pattern choices that it is not too hard to find a good set of drapes that will complement almost any décor. Complement is the key though. Drapes that fight other major elements in the room for attention can create a sense of disharmony that ruins the overall look of the space.

Blinds are considered by some to be a little too harsh for use in all but the most functional of rooms, but that is no longer the case. You can find blinds that are as ornate and elegant as drapes and in a contemporary décor setting can add the polished finishing touch that such a set up requires.


Both drapes and blinds present their own unique set of challenges when it comes to care and cleaning. Many higher-end drapes are not designed to be tossed right into the washing machine and will probably require at least the occasional trip to the dry cleaners.

Most blinds on the other hand usually only need dusting, but they do need dusting on a regular basis, as they tend to be magnets for dust. They can also be a bit tricky to clean and it certainly takes a while. Neither option is maintenance free, but then again, very few elements of home décor ever are.

The Best of Both Worlds

An increasing number of homeowners are no longer making the choice between blinds and drapes though because they are utilizing both. This set up offers, in many ways, the best of both worlds. Drapes can be opened during the day but the level of light (and privacy) can still be controlled thanks to the presence of the blinds.

Conversely, the sometimes “hard” lines of the blinds are softened by the addition of drapes. Using both options together is going to be more expensive, but sometimes the combination just makes the most sense, in terms of both style and function.

When it comes to pairing drapes and blinds always start with choosing the type of blind or shade you want since drapes are easier to change out. If your room is small, you might want a blind with a cleaner look. If your room is larger, then a more colorful, dramatic shade could work better. Then consider the décor of your room. If your walls have semi-bright colors, you could choose a shade in a contrasting color that pops. If you have lots of patterns and prints in your room, think about a more simple style of shade. If you are still stuck, you could ask a Houston home decorator for help!