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Usually home sellers pay most attention to, and spend the most time and money on, the living room, bathroom and kitchen home staging. If they have a guest room on the other hand, it is often the single most neglected living space in the house in this respect. This is often simply because it’s not a space they use themselves very much, and so they don’t give it much thought.

When you are staging your home for sale that has to change though. If your guest quarters are less than welcoming thy won’t make a great impression on potential home buyers, folks who you would like to have think that the guest room is a real bonus room and not just an easily forgotten box.

While you don’t want to go too over the top when staging a guest room it does need some thought – and work. Here are a few tips for staging a guest room that potential buyers can feel excited about the possibility of housing their friends and relatives in the future.

Check the Walls and the Floors

When you open the door to your guest bedroom how do the walls and the floor look at first glance? Is the paint peeling in the corner of the room or do you have wallpaper that was fashionable back in the 1980s but looks awful now?

Painting your guest room is probably the easiest, and most affordable upgrade project you can implement in the space and yet doing so can instantly (well in a day or so) transform the look and feel of the room.

When choosing a color palette stick to general staging principles and go for neutrals. But make them warmer, more inviting neutrals. Rather than going for a stark white choose a soft ivory or even a buttery cream instead. Cool blues and grays can be great choices too and an excellent way to create a room that is both age and gender neutral, which is exactly what a staged guest room should be.

Turning your attention to the floor, if the carpet has seen better days but is still serviceable a good professional carpet cleaning might all you need to brighten up so give that a try before you go out and buy something new.

Rooms with hardwood floors are great too as long as they are in good shape – if not a sanding and refinishing may be called for – but if they are in your guest room consider adding a rug, just for an extra touch of welcoming warmth.

Use Accessories to Coordinate a Real Decor Scheme

After you have decided on the colors you are going to use as the central theme for the walls and the floor and any required work has been done it is time to coordinate some attractively staged decor.

Invest in comforters, sheets, window treatment, throw pillows in complementary colors. You don’t have to spend a lot, and they don’t have to be too fancy, simply basic and attractive (think no patterns, no very bright colors) This should create a unified decor scheme simply looks elegant and pulled together, something home buyers should find appealing.

Great Finishing Touches to Complete Your Guest Room Staging

Sometimes in home staging, the devil is in the details, and they can make all the difference in the world. Any of the following will be very helpful in setting the right scene in a guest room; an old-fashioned alarm clock, a small TV and maybe even a nice comfy chair.