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When it comes to staging your Houston home for sale it’s usually a lot easier to catch the big changes and repairs that need to be made than to see the smaller details. But buyers notice it all, and even one squeaky door can signal issues to them. Here are a few last-minute, easy home staging basics that make a big difference but are easily overlooked.

Clean/replace blinds

Dirty blinds are an eyesore, and you can easily clean them with a damp cloth. Broken blinds are easy to replace, and make a huge visual difference. Even knotted-up strings, missing wands, and crooked hardware can turn off potential buyers. They see the replacements necessary as the result of poor maintenance. Prevent that reaction by running to your local hardware store and grabbing some replacement blinds.

Silence squeaky doors and drawers

Potential buyers will cringe at the sound of a squeaky door or drawer that you’ve totally tuned out. Checking doors, cupboard doors, drawers and even windows for squeaks is just one of those home staging basics that many people forget though. The problem can, however, be easily fixed. All you need is a can of silicone spray from your local hardware store, and then to spray down all door hinges and drawer tracks.

Expand the space

Moving furniture to the edges of a room is an easy way to make open areas look and feel larger. Remove extra furniture such as ottomans and side tables that crowd areas, and move furniture to the outsides of the walls and rugs. Open blinds and windows to bring in more natural light and visual space. Replace family photographs and artwork with mirrors to reflect light, as well.

Make sure all light bulbs work

Sometimes closet light bulbs, hallway sconces, and other little-used light fixtures get overlooked and have dead light bulbs for months at a time. You may have to drag out the ladder for tall fixtures, but buyers check every light switch, and the difference in lighting will be noticeable. A dead light bulb is most likely the cause, but potential buyers may think worse electrical problems are at hand.

Freshen the air

An odor-eliminating spray (an unscented spray that eliminates odors) spritzed around the house can keep odors at bay. Candles or any scented spray can set off allergies and only mask odors instead of eliminating them.

Pretend your house is a hotel

Make the beds, fluff the pillows on beds and couches, and fold blankets and towels neatly. Clear surfaces and floors of clutter, and put out some fresh flowers. Neatly arrange all bathroom products, empty the trash, and maybe even put out a fresh hand soap for a spa-like touch.

Check the front door

Many of us use our front doors regularly but are so busy and in such a rush that we barely notice exactly what is surrounding them. Make sure the surrounding area is swept and the doorbell works. A new, plain doormat or shiny door knocker can make a nice first impression for buyers. Clean the mailbox, too — it’s often caked in grime and spiderwebs.

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