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More than ever, in a post-pandemic world, home buyers are looking for spaces they can enjoy even if they are confined to their homes. Even after the COVID-19 situation is over – whenever that is – more of them now understand that overlooking ‘home comforts’ when purchasing a home is a big mistake.

One thing that Realtors report is much higher on buyers’ want lists right now is outdoor living space that can be used year round, so if your home for sale has such space(s) then staging them appropriately is a must, and staging an outdoor space for fall will obviously be different than setting the stage in the summer months.

The idea is not just to create something that looks good but that evokes a feeling. Buyers need to be able to easily imagine themselves making use of the space.

As we have milder weather in Houston than in many areas of the country, making use of a patio, deck or porch year round is perfectly possible, and great Houston fall home staging can show potential buyers just how they could do that if they make your place theirs. Here are just a few outdoor space fall staging tips and ideas to get you started.

String lights and lanterns

It gets dark earlier in the fall and winter, so the right lighting for your outdoor space is important if you want to convey to buyers they will still be able to enjoy it in the evenings. It also helps create a warm, welcoming ambiance.

String lights and lanterns not only provide a beautiful glow, but they also create a sense of magic and coziness that is perfect for the fall and winter seasons. Drape the string lights – but not too many – across your porch/patio/deck or even in trees or bushes and accent them with lanterns for some extra style.

Seasonal plants

Leaving the warmer months behind also means switching out any plants that can’t cope with the cooler weather. For decorative purposes, I recommend opting for flowers in warmer colors and other greenery that suit the season, like fir trees and garland. They will add some life to your outdoor space that will make it feel more in touch with the season.

Cozy textiles

A lot of the same decorating principles that you use inside can apply to outdoor spaces, as well. There is no reason you can’t decorate with area rugs, pillows, and throws to make the space feel just as warm and cozy as your interior rooms. For fall home staging, choose décor in warmer colors and seasonal patterns. They will make buyers want to curl up by the fire, and that’s a great selling point!


Speaking of fires, a fire pit is a great addition to an outdoor space, especially for the cooler months. Not only does it make your space look cozier and provide warmth, but it’s also perfect to entertain around with conversation and s’mores. Setting that scenario in buyers’ minds with clever fall home staging will only make the space feel even more appealing.