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Sometimes the smallest little details can have the biggest impact, and that is especially true around the house. Whether you are staging your Houston home for sale or just want to freshen things up a bit take a look at some of these easy, one-hour projects that don’t take a lot of time, effort or money to complete but can have a tremendous impact on the overall look – and feel – of your home.

Re-Do Your Bathtub’s Caulking

The caulking around your bathtub may seem very insignificant but the fact is that it can make or break the look of the whole space. When it’s shiny and new the whole bathroom looks sharp and somehow even the other fixtures look a little newer. When it is wearing, however, it yellows, hardens and shrinks away, something that not only makes the room look tired and grungy but is also an open invitation to mold and mildew.

Replacing old, tired caulk is a task that is easier than you think though. By making use of a caulk gun and a putty knife you can usually get the job done in under an hour and the difference doing so will make may seriously surprise you.

Create an Accent Wall

Although the standard advice when staging a home for sale is to keep things neutral to appeal to as many buyers as possible there is such a thing as too neutral. And too neutral is bland, boring, and, to be frank, very forgettable.

An accent wall can be the answer though. Painting just a single wall in a brighter, more dramatic hue can provide a great counterpoint to all the neutrals in the room and it’s easy to do. You are unlikely to need more than one can of paint, you won’t have to deal with tricky things like trim and even the mess will be kept to a minimum.

Add Outdoor Evening Ambiance with Solar Lights

You should never underestimate the importance of curb appeal in the evening. Or the impact of outdoor lighting. As the sun goes down good lighting prevents accidents in the dark but can also be used to highlight the very best features of your landscaping. If you are adding new lighting solar is now often the best way to go though.

There’s no need to install costly low-voltage wiring underground to power it and while some solar models can be attached to a wall or post, most can be installed by simply staking them into the ground and letting the sun recharge the batteries for their LED bulbs. And the number of style options available is almost mind-boggling, so you can create almost any look you can dream up.

Update a Wooden Staircase with Carpet Treads

Wood staircases offer classic appeal, but the treads can lose their sheen after a few years of foot traffic. Refinishing stair treads is a major undertaking, but you can save the look of the staircase without all that work through the simple addition of carpet stair treads.

Carpet treads, which attach to the stairs with highly adhesive carpet tape, are available in a variety of styles—from intricate baroque designs to plain, low-pile Berber—and are typically sold in sets of 15 treads and some sets come with an additional landing carpet for the floor at the bottom the stairs.