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Oh, the beauty and serenity of a well-designed, neutral colored room or home. These spaces are so often the perfect tonic for our busy, weary souls. They are also perfect when staging a Houston home for sale.

If your home is for sale during this holiday season staging it is still a must, and so any Christmas or seasonal decor should be kept to an organized minimum. It can, however, also be used to help tell an even more enchanting story to buyers, one of how wonderful their future holiday seasons could be in their home.

So in using color in a neutral space, here are four simple interior decorating and home staging principles and elements to remember for holiday and Christmas decorating, whether your Houston home is for sale or you simply want to create a more elegant vibe this year.

  1. A little color goes a long way in a neutral space. In order not to nullify the effects of your calculated and selected neutral color palette, use it sparingly as it will speak very loudly in the quietness of a neutral background.
  2. Listen for the “sound” of color. Red speaks very loudly when against the soft sounding neutral space and commands you give it attention. Green on the other hand, as the partner to the analogous positioning on the color wheel of Christmas colors, is a saturated color but represents all of nature announcing a healing tone of peace and tranquility. This is the very message of this holiday season.

Always remember to consider how much you want to “hear” your color selections. In order to achieve a more peaceful but festive holiday look, I suggest choosing a lot of greens and natural elements mixed with a calculated but small amount of the reds.

  1. Most neutral color palate spaces are not overdone with “stuff” that is not meaningful. This is why serious restraint is called for when decorating neutral spaces for Christmas. This way, you won’t just keep on adding more and more layers of Christmas decorations that will quickly clutter the previously sales ready space.

The best staged Christmas spaces never, overpower with the latest trendy seasonal items from big box stores or chains marketed to the masses of last-minute hurried shoppers.

  1. Remember too, candlelight has color. It is a very warm golden glow, on of course, the warm side of the color wheel. By using candles in various colors, shapes, and sizes, even the most basic and neutral of Christmas decorated rooms become aglow with the Christmas spirit!

Spread Holiday Cheer with Color

Less is definitely more as we decorate our homes for this beautiful time of year. By giving serious thought what is used (or better yet, not used) to decorate our homes, you will achieve cheerful and peaceful spaces that speak volumes of holiday joy and peace. And isn’t that what we all want? Certainly any buyers who view your home will.

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