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Household clutter is an ongoing issue for lots of families and particularly so for those who have garages. It is a common habit that when we acquire too much stuff that the garage becomes a handy and convenient place to store everything we don’t use and don’t know where else to put. Soon enough though, the garage becomes flooded with ‘stuff’, and sooner or later the task of organizing it is before us. This especially true when you are getting ready to sell your home as potential home buyers will want to see the space for sure, and it should really be as neat, tidy and efficient looking as the house itself. So yes, even a garage needs to be staged! Whether you are selling your home soon, or are simply trying to become better organized, here are just a few ideas – and product suggestions – to help you get started on the road to a more organized, better looking garage.

Declutter First

As a home stager AND a home organizer our principal, Taya Wright, always recommends that before beginning your garage organizing/staging project that you go through your possessions and determine if any of them can be thrown away or donated. The golden rule in organization is if you haven’t utilized something in the past year, the chances are good that you probably don’t need it. By donating or throwing away old and useless items your garage storage organizing will be simpler and you’ll have less to move if you are selling your home. The decluttering of a garage can be particularly difficult as it is often the place that things have been taken when you are just not quite sure what to do with them or if they’ll be needed again. Now is the time however to make those decisions and if there is a lot of stuff enlisting the services of a professional home organizer is something you should consider, as they can bring a fresh set of objective eyes into the process that can be very helpful indeed. Once you have determined what is staying it’s time to organize and stage it all (even if you are not moving out any time soon.) Here’s a look at some ways you can do so that are both attractive and efficient.

Adding Garage Shelves

There are lots of shelving unit choices that are designed specifically for garages. Some of the best include two or three level shelving units with hooks that will easily latch onto the exterior of the garage and can be placed as high or low as you need them to be. For items that are seasonal, purchasing or building a few sturdy shelving units is a quick and cost effective way to get items off the floor and out of the way, but that can be placed at arm’s reach so you can access them easily if you need to while still living in your home for sale.

Make Use of Tote Bags and Storage Containers

Tote bags that can hung on the wall with secure clips are great for holding smaller items and some canvas totes sold today are very sturdy. Place these small items in the bag and then fasten clips or holders to the wall. You can then hang the bags by their handles within reach and access your things easily. Colorful storage containers are also a great way to organize your things and add a nice little pop of visual interest at the same time, although clear storage organizers will allow you to see things at a glance. Often combining the two can be a great way to get function and style. Many retail stores – and Amazon – sell containers that are designed to stack on top of one another which are great if you have a lot of little things that need storing. The secure covers will ensure that your possessions aren’t damaged by insects and rodents that may find their way into the garage either.

Hooks For Hanging and Storage

Installing sturdy hooks around your garage is a great way to get things off the floor and organized. Purchase some bicycle hooks, as they can hold a lot of weight for their small size and are perfect for hanging and storing electrical cords, hoses and garden tools and keeping everything looking neat. Getting the clutter off the garage floor will also help the space look more spacious, something you really do want to convey to potential buyers if you are staging your home for sale.

Don’t Forget Those Labels!

Use masking tape on the outside of containers and clearly label each one with whatever you place in them, so when the time comes that you need something you will be able to locate it easily and won’t have to rummage through each container.