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Of all the home decor styles a homeowner can choose from one of the friendliest and most welcoming is country decor style. Done right it’s nostalgic, fun and whimsical and perhaps best of all there is plenty of room for innovation as there really are no “rules” about what country decor should or should not be.

You can also choose from where you would like to take your inspirations. America, provincial France, old England, or perhaps a mixture of all three, the choice is yours. Here though are a few ideas to get you started:

As American as Apple Pie

American country decor is a simple, warm and rather unpretentious look that is far easier to achieve than you may imagine:

Colors: When choosing colors for your American country themed decor look to the colors are founders used most often – bright cherry reds, blues, yellows, dark greens and straw colored neutrals. This all may sound a little bright but mixing the bolder colors with their subtle country inspired counterparts can create the beginnings of warm, welcoming living spaces that are as much fun to live in as they are to look at.

Floors: Ideally the floors in an American country decor should be hardwood (or at least laminate that looks like hardwood) with brightly colored rugs scattered at appropriate intervals. If however that is not possible and you only have carpet to work with its still OK, other decorative elements in the room can be used to compliment it and take away some of the modern “edge”.

Windows: Simple window treatments work best in a country decor theme. That does not have to mean plain window treatments, a whimsical country or farmyard inspired print is an easy way to add extra country flair.

Accessories: You can use all kinds of accessories to create an American country vibe. Vintage inspired statuettes, accent lighting with a vintage flair and cozy country style blankets and throws can all be used to great effect.

Fabulously French

Uniquely charming the French country – or French provincial – look is another that is fairly easy to achieve:

Colors and Fabrics: Simple black and white play a big part in French country decor as they recall the simple style of the cottages that once dotted the French countryside. Toile ( or toile du jouy) patterns are also a large part of such a theme. These are those single-colored images of pastoral life that can be found on window treatments, wallpapers, accessories and much more.

Because toile is almost always a single colored affair – in everything from a soft brown to a rusty red to a delicate blue or green – it blends well with other colors and adds French country style without being too obtrusive.

Floors – Floors should be as simple as possible. If you have tile or wood floors the addition of simple raffia mats can be very effective.

Simple Furniture – simple, whitewashed furniture accents can be a great way to add a little French Provincial flair to almost any room as well. A simple curio cabinet, a well-designed table with ornately turned legs, even just a bookshelf or two can all do the trick.

Endearingly English

The best English inspired decor draws its inspirations from the homes of the Victorian and Edwardian eras and is a light, airy look that is great for larger rooms.

Simplicity is the key to great English country style. Plain floors, white or pastel furnishings, the look is very similar to shabby chic but does tend to be a little more colorful when it comes to fabrics. Flowered patterns were very popular back then as was the English take on the French love of toile. Bold checks in red and white or blue and white can add a charmingly simple country touch as well.