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Although what is termed a “minimalist’ home decor look is just that today’s version of the style is  a far cry from the cold, sterile look of a few decades ago. The new look is softer, lighter and  easier to live with but still perfect for the people who are driven nuts by clutter and ‘stuff’ and just  want a home that is stylish and functions as well as it pleases the eye.  

Is Minimalist Decor Really for You?  

The first thing you do have to realize is that for minimalist decor to really work you have to be a  bit of a neat freak. If you are the kind of person that is something of a pack rat and loves to be  surrounded by lots of ornaments and accessories, you are not going to enjoy living with this decor style at all. 

Being able to live with your decor comfortably is far more important than following a cool trend.  Of course if you really are trying to rid yourself of your less tidy habits adopting a more  minimalist approach to home decor might be a big help but you will have to be prepared to do the work!  

Done right, minimalist decor is rather soothing and relaxing so it also often great for the busy  person whose life outside the home might be a little chaotic but by lightening up their  surroundings they can at least have some order at home.  

If you do decide that you would like to adopt the minimalist decor look in your home here are a  few pointers to get you started off on the right foot:  


Shades of white are often the predominant colors when it comes to the walls of a room  decorated in minimalist style. However you can soften that rather sterile look with the addition of  some neutral color – pale beiges and sage greens, taupes and elegant grays are all good  choices.  

Accent colors are also encouraged and some of the best minimalist decor schemes actually  feature an accent wall in a bright, bold color which works very well as long as the rest of the  space is kept fairly monotone.  


The furniture used in a minimalist decor scheme should be as sleek and simple as possible,  with sharp clean lines and numerous modern materials like blond wood, glass and even  stainless steel. Although this is in no way an endorsement, if you need some extra inspiration  then a day trip to Ikea might be an excellent idea.  


Wall to wall carpet is a huge no in a minimalist decor scheme. Hardwood (or its alternatives  Pergo and other laminates) tile and even concrete are all ideal choices. The occasional throw  rug is however advisable but patterns should be avoided unless you can find a really great  geometrical one.  


True minimalist style really calls for windows to be left completely bare but for most of us that  would be a little too much like living in a fishbowl. To give yourself some privacy without ruining  your minimalist decor simple white blinds may be more than adequate. For a softer look,  especially in the bedroom the addition of light sheer or muslin panels can be extremely effective  as well.  


Minimalist decor has by definition limited accessories but you do need some. The pieces have  to be striking though. Choose a single incredible piece of artwork to act as a focus and look for  one off, quirky pieces like a modern art glass vase to scatter (carefully) around the rest of the  space.  

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