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The kitchen is usually one of the rooms that is most important in any Houston home and its certainly one that would be homebuyers tend to pay the most attention to. That’s why homesellers whose homes have smaller kitchens are often concerned that this might be a problem at sale time.

There are actually some advantages to having a smaller kitchen that larger spaces cannot boast. In a smaller kitchen almost everything you need is in within easy reach and because your space is limited you tend to not have so much of the extraneous clutter that you really do not need to complicate your cooking endeavors.

A small kitchen will only work well if it is properly organized though and that its layout makes the most of every square foot of available space. Here are some tips for making taking advantage of the opportunity to retool and stage your small kitchen to make the most of every inch and turn into a big plus when selling the home, rather than a disappointing minus.


Efficient kitchen cabinets are an essential element in the layout of any kitchen – big or small. In a smaller space, you should consider adding full height kitchen cabinets wherever possible so that you have as much more storage space, something that no one ever seems to have quite enough of.

These cabinets can also be a great way to make a previously unused corner of your kitchen useful as they can come in some very narrow styles that take up very little in the way of floor space. The more storage homesellers can demonstrate their kitchen has the better, especially if it is on the smaller side.

Counter Tops

To stop your kitchen countertops from looking cluttered, which can make a small kitchen look even smaller, keep only the essential, use them everyday appliances like a coffee maker or toaster on them all the time and store everything else away.

For an even more streamlined appearance, you could consider having built-in appliance garages added to your countertop to house those oft-used items when not in use as well.

Color and Lighting

The colors and the lighting scheme used in a smaller kitchen can either add to its cramped appearance or serve to open it up and give the illusion of extra space.

A good kitchen lighting system is created in layers, a combination of task and accent lighting that makes a beautiful whole. Don’t skimp on the under cabinet lighting either as they take up no additional space but can add just the right amount of extra illumination you need and that will also appeal to homebuyers, as they are a great way to demonstrate how functional the space can be.

Dark colors do not work well in the small kitchen as they only serve to close it in even further. However, a stark, all white kitchen can appear cold and pure white walls are hard to keep clean, extra maintenance that many homebuyers would not want to take on. A great compromise is to make use of a tinted white shade in a warm hue.