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The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s a bustling center of activity where people gather to cook, eat, socialize, and entertain. This is something that must be highlighted in any Houston home staging project to the best possible effect, as long experience tells us that kitchens really do sell homes.

As the central hub of most homes, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms of the house. This space will immediately attract buyers or turn them off. It’s much easier to look past a small bedroom or an outdated powder room than to get over an undesirable kitchen. Kitchens must be designed to meet the needs of their lifestyle. If it’s not a good match, the buyer will probably eliminate the home as an option.

To prevent this from happening when prospective buyers are viewing your Houston home for sale, you can make strategic efforts that will improve your property’s ‘culinary appeal.’ Here are just a few suggestions.

Refurbish Rather Than Replace

Cabinetry is a significant factor in a kitchen’s appeal. Since replacing cabinets is an expensive and disruptive endeavor, many homeowners are reluctant to take on this project. Fortunately, other options won’t break the budget. Consider repainting the cabinetry or replacing only the doors. New cabinet hardware can also create a brand-new look. Kitchens are easier to beautify than you might imagine and sometimes even small tweaks make a big difference.

Invest in Appliances

Modern, matching appliances offer immense appeal to all homebuyers. They look sharp, offer convenient features, and typically provide high efficiency to reduce utility bills, all things that savvy homebuyers are looking for these days. For example, let’s say that the fridge in your kitchen has seen better days. While it may seem a little counterproductive to buy a new fridge for a home you hope to be leaving soon if that investment of a few hundred dollars means your home appeals to more buyers (no one wants an old fridge) it’s money very well spent.

Make it Sparkle

Cluttered countertops have never helped sell a home. Buyers want to see the kitchen, not the mess. Keep counters clear and clean and ensure the entire space shines. And don’t forget the insides of cabinets and refrigerators, as buyers will open these things up to look inside and if things look cluttered, they will assume that there is not enough space to meet their needs, even though that may not be the case.

Stage a Scene

As we mentioned right at the beginning the kitchen is a room that is, in most homes, busier than ever before. When staging your home for sale make sure you showcase how versatile your kitchen is. For example, if there is a dining area, make sure that’s clear and that it’s easy for buyers to see how convenient that is.

Consider the Market

When considering kitchen staging and possible improvements, homeowners should always consult with a trusted home staging professional to ensure upgrades are in alignment with their neighborhood, the target buyer, and current trends. Reach out with your questions. We are happy to help and in a great position to tell you all about popular area home staging trends – and turn-offs – in your neighborhood, not just when it comes to kitchens but to Houston homes and Houston home staging in general.