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How many small appliances do you use in your kitchen on a daily basis and how many of those appliances are cluttering up your kitchen counter tops? The coffee maker, the toaster and the microwave are just a few of the items commonly found in the average home. And while you may have got rather used to all of this it may not be the best look if you are showcasing your kitchen to potential buyers to help sell your home.

You could of course put all of the things away in a cupboard somewhere before every showing but who really has time for that. And as you are still actually living in your home removing them altogether isn’t really an option either, unless you are ready to deal with the stress of kicking a morning coffee habit along with the pressure of trying to sell a home.

The Appliance Garage Solution

One alternative to consider is adding an appliance garage or two to the overall plan to keep these things out of sight when not in use, giving your kitchen an overall cleaner and more organized appearance.

An appliance garage is exactly what its name suggests; a place to store all kinds of things out of sight and away from the splashes and spills that inevitably occur during the course of a day’s cooking while keeping them in easy reach for when they are needed.

The best appliance garages match seamlessly with the rest of the kitchen cabinetry and add to, rather than detract from the overall layout, and even add a shot of extra style to the space.

Appliance garages come in all shapes, sizes and finishes. They can be fitted underneath kitchen wall cabinets or added to a previously useless corner, reclaiming precious space for practical use. A well designed appliance garage can also provide an attractive architectural detailing to add something extra special to your overall kitchen design, something that can catch a buyer’s eye in the right way. You can find stock versions in big box home stores or online or even, if you are willing to spend a little more,commission a custom built in or if you are handy it could make a great DIY project as well.

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