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Most home stagers can tell you – myself included – that homeowners are rather predictable when it comes to what they want to see in a home they are considering buying. They want to see a clean, well maintained space, rooms that look and feel light and bright, plenty of storage and modern, up to date features.

While much of effective home staging revolves around neutralizing strong design choices that might be off-putting for some it is important to remove items and ‘look’ that feel dated and give at least a small nod to current design trends where appropriate.

So what design trends will home stagers be keeping an eye on – and making use of in their work – in 2020? Here’s a look at some of them that are easy for you to make use of in your own Houston home, whether you are planning on selling it in 2020 or not.

Warmer Whites

White walls are definitely a sensible, safe choice when staging a home for sale but they don’t work in every space. White walls work best in rooms that have lots of natural light and plenty of neutral layers and texture.

In most cases, white walls photograph a lot better than they look in person. If your home isn’t meant for white paint (and not many truly are), opt for a warm neutral. The cooler grays are declining in popularity and being replaced by whites that have a warming hint of pink, yellow or green.

Mixed Metal Accents

Used in moderation – no more than 2 or 3 different metals – a variety of metal accents can make a room feel balanced and timeless. Rose gold accents as a design trend have peaked, though, so start phasing those out if they are in your home. Light fixtures are an easy way to to take advantage of mixing metals so consider starting there.

Lighter Wood Floors

Light oak and birch are coming back in style. Home buyers gravitate toward an open, airy feel, and these more light-reflective floors feel comfy and lush.

Quartz Countertops.

Solid surface counters are always a classic, popular choice with home buyers, but quartz has been edging out granite for the last few years in popularity. Quartz’s mix of stone and resin makes it super durable, yet visually similar to higher-maintenance marble or slate.

Black and Jewel-tones.

This is a nice counter-balance to all the white walled decor that’s popping up. Small doses of black, especially in kitchens and bathroom, add a great contrast and sense of sophistication to a room. Pops of teal, navy, and forest green in fabrics and decor also stand out beautifully against light, neutral walls.

If you’re thinking of selling your home this year and need help to make sure you’ve got a look that buyers will love, contact us for a Walk and Talk Consultation. We’d love to help!