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Getting furniture proportion right is a very important element of home staging. A proper sense of proportion has to be maintained throughout the home to create an effective, pleasing to most look and feel.

In many of the homes I stage I encounter the same ‘problem’ repeatedly; the size and visual weight of the furniture is just too much. But, by correcting the sense of proportion in the rooms, as a professional home stager I can improve the overall balance, tranquility, perceived size and actual function of any space in the home.

More About Proper Proportion

Proportion is relative to the size and intended use of each space, but it should also be continuous throughout the home. Many people use pieces of furniture which ‘fight’ one another, room to room, and some even feature furniture of different proportions within the same room. These problems need to be resolved before a home stager can say that a property is ready to be shown to prospective buyers.

Home Staging Furniture Proportion Guidelines

Proportion means the actual size and visual weight of an object in relation to the room it is in and the other items in the home décor. Proportion is never a set in stone equation, but is subjective and depends the surrounding environment.

Sometimes, to correct proportion, a Houston home stager will need to remove or replace an item in the room, while sometimes the problem can be solved by moving items somewhere else.

Occasionally home owners will raise any eyebrow when I remove what they think is a perfectly nice piece of furniture. Most of the time it is not because there is anything ‘wrong’ with the piece though, just that it is out of proportion for the space as it needs to be shown.

Creating the proper proportion in a room can get a bit complicated, but that’s why home stagers are expertly trained professionals. Of all design elements, the ability to create perfect proportion is one skill that few DIY stagers possess and where the help of a professional home stager becomes invaluable.

Downsized and Delightful

All too often the proportion of the items in a room to be staged is wrong because it leans towards being too large and visually heavy. Most families love to pack tons of furniture and accessories into every room and really feel strange if they do not occupy a wall with some sort of bulky item. People figure: “I have the space, so I have to put something there”. This is a huge mistake.

Americans, in general, love everything large and their homes are mostly spacious, yet crowded with copious amounts of stuff. This is often the look they are most comfortable living with – or used to at least, but it’s very unappealing when staging to a home to sell. To stage effectively, all this stuff has to go, so that the potential buyers can concentrate on the home itself, making a fast and profitable offer more likely.

TLDR; If proportion throughout the home is balanced and in sync with itself, the overall impression will be wonderful. If not, then your home will look less desirable to prospective buyers.