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The attractive properties of natural light flooding any space are well known. Natural light expands the space, visually at least, brightens dark corners and gives the place a lighter, airier feel. If you are staging your home for sale, it’s therefore very important to maximize light and its positive effects as much as possible. Here are some Houston home stager’s ‘secrets’ you can make use of to do that, even if your home is not filled with floor to ceiling windows.


Paint is one of the least expensive, and yet most effective, ways to add light to almost any room. Lighter paint colors reflect any light that hits them and bounce it back, something that gives the illusion that the space is larger than it really is.


Mirrors can be another ‘cheap and easy’ way to add light to a darker space, but in effective home staging they must be used sparingly. One excellent way to make use of a simple mirror is to hang it across from a window which will essentially bring the outdoors in.

Undress Your Windows

Light colored, gauzy curtains or plantation style shutters can also be used to add to that light and airy look. If you have louvered blinds in place and don’t want to change them out tip them to take best advantage of the sunlight as it moves around your room.

Take a Long Look Outside

Often the natural light that could enter a room is prevented from doing so by trees, bushes and shrubs outside. Where possible cut back any such impediments to natural light flow and let more of the sun shine in.

Light Up During Showings

Once you home is actively being shown, encourage your Realtor to turn on both indoor and outdoor lights before showing. Better still, so it yourself, even if you are miles away. By making use of smart bulbs, your smartphone and a personal AI assistant like Alexa or Google Home all your Realtor will need to do is shoot you a text that they will be showing the home at X time and you can ensure the home is well lit yourself.

Why should you do this? Because even during the day, interior lighting can make your dwelling feel more welcoming, prevent harsh shadows from sunlight and brighten dark corners. Of course, you’ll have to make sure you dust and vacuum well, as illuminated dust bunnies won’t do anything for the appeal of your home.

Get a Home Staging Consultation

Worried that your home is too dark, but not quite sure how to go about lightening up the space most effectively? Schedule a home staging consultation with a professional. During that time a home stager will be able to show you just how to achieve that light and airy feel while also giving you lots of other useful advice about staging you home to sell as a whole.