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Unused and disregarded rooms can pose quite a dilemma for Houston homeowners when it comes time to sell their home. While using the space as a large storage closet or occasional playroom might have worked for you for years, any potential home buyer will find it very hard to envision the room as an asset, or even functional, if all they see is a box with four walls and a bare, open floor.

It’s therefore a must that, via home staging, you create a functional space that buyers can visualize themselves making good use of. Any room you leave empty and don’t stage for sale will negatively impact the way buyers view your home versus others they see, so taking the time to give every space a function will be time, and money, well spent.

From Empty to …What?

Given that you want your home for sale to appeal to as wide a cross section of buyers as possible what should you transform that unused room into? In most cases there are three options to choose from:

  • An extra/guest bedroom
  • A family room/den
  • A home office

Let’s take a look at how those transformations can be achieved.

A Guest Bedroom

From cold and empty to warm and inviting (as staged by our team)

If you have not been making use of the empty room as a bedroom, you’ll obviously need a bed. Going to the expense of buying a new bed is not something most home sellers want to do, however. The good news is that this is not furniture that you ever intend to use, so if you can find a decent looking bed on Craigslist or even Freecycle, it can be dressed up with bed linens, so if it is not in the greatest shape functionally, that’s fine.

To enhance the space further, you can probably borrow furniture from other spaces in your home. By adding accent pieces like a nightstand, and a little neutral art the empty space can be transformed into a selling point in the space of an afternoon.

A Family Room

In the age of video gaming and slightly more casual living having an additional family room/den space is likely to appeal to almost anyone, even if they have yet to start their own family yet. Again, this is a transformation that can probably be achieved with items repurposed from other rooms – an extra comfy looking chair or two, perhaps even a spare television, and what you don’t own can may be easy to find at local thrift stores.

A Home Office

A space anyone could see themselves working in (as staged by our team)

Perhaps the smartest use of an empty room in a home designed to appeal to as many people as possible is a home office.

To create a home office, simply include a table (you may already have a spare one in your home) and add an office chair or two. Include a few practical accessories like a bulletin board, wall art, a desk pad, and pencil holder. Accessorizing the room in this way will help potential home buyers see themselves working in this room, which may be the very thing that tips the scales in your favor!

Whatever you choose to do, don’t leave the room empty. And if you are stuck for inspiration, or are just not quite sure how to proceed get some professional help. The investment in a few hours of the time of a professional home stager to help you transform a cold, empty space into a warm, inviting and functional one will practically pay for itself at sale time.