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Home staging involves preparing a personal home for sale in the real estate marketplace. The purpose of real estate home staging is to make a home more appealing and attractive to potential buyers, resulting in a faster sale at the highest possible price.

Home Staging techniques are focused on improving the appeal of a property by transforming it into an attractive, welcoming home that potential buyers can visualize themselves living in.

Home staging is popular within the real estate industry in Houston because it is the best way to show potential buyer’s new ideas on how furniture can be placed in the home and the amount of space that will be available when it has been furnished. There are staging companies available in Houston that provide professional home staging services, typically with their own accessories and furniture.

Home staging is about illusions. It is magical. It is beyond cleaning and decorating. It is all about perfecting the art of creating moods by adding touches that resonate emotionally with potential buyers throughout the home.
Home staging also helps make a house appear bigger, cleaner, brighter, more livable, warmer and, best of all, it attracts home buyers and results in tangible offers. Despite what you might think, Real Estate Home Staging is more than just preparing a house for sale by decorating it nicely.

Home stagers do whatever it takes to make a property shine. Home Staging happens after you have cleaned, painted, decluttered, and made other minor repairs. It is about adding additional features: the mascara, lipstick, and the simple stunning strand of Tahitian pearls. In other words, it’s making up your house to attract the most potential buyers.


Professional home stagers are trained staging artists. They can take a blank canvas and transform an empty house into a livable home. Stagers are highly skilled top-level designers and they can create dramatic effects that will appeal to all five senses.


Home stagers make use of a vast array of items to spruce up any house and uniquely ‘dress’ each room. These items include plants, wall decor, tables, lamps, mirrors, silk flowers, area and throw rugs, small loveseats, ottomans, baskets, queen, king or twin-size beds, and chairs, etc. How they are used is limited only by the vision and creativity of the stager.


The idea behind Home Staging is to allow the rooms to show themselves. A vacant home is soulless. Without professionally staging, it might remain on the market for months. While there are two major spaces in a staged home that are always attractive to buyers: the kitchen and the living rooms, every room counts. But what do these stagers do? Here are some simple home staging tricks and tips for the kitchen that offer a glimpse at the process:

• Apply orange oil to any cabinets that look dry, as this will renew their original luster
• Set out a large bowl of fruit such as luscious grapes, polished apples, bright oranges
• Arrange attractive cookbooks on the kitchen counters after you’ve decluttered them

Here in Houston, Home Stagers believe in bringing the outdoors inside with the use of plants and greenery to create a clean, crisp space. Bathrooms are also important areas to stage and they should look airy, open and spotless. Adding baskets filled with spa treatments such as scented soaps, fluffy towels tied with ribbons, creamy lotions, colored moisturizing jars, etc. will also look great. The backyard also needs to be staged. For patios and decks, you can always bring in potted flowers and plants, and add some extra colors by setting a picnic table with beautiful colorful plates.


When selling your home, real estate agents are often your best source when it comes to information, because they typically have developed on-going business relationships with the very best stagers in Houston. When you plan on getting your home staged, there are a number of things that happen. First, you gain a new set of trained eyes to look at your home and determine its flaws and its features. From there, a professional home stager will highlight certain features and may even add or subtract furniture to distract visitors from any flaws by drawing attention to beautiful features. It all begins with transforming your home so that a buyer can picture themselves living there. Then comes the use of the space, highlighted with colors and by decorating the rooms, sitting room, kitchen, master bedroom suites and other empty spaces. From this point, the home stager will use updated furniture where needed and any other accessories to give the house that much needed WOW factor.

The cost of the services of an expert home stager depends on the amount of work to be done. Home stagers usually rent furniture, accessories such as lamps, carpets, and other great pieces to make the house more attractive and broaden its appeal. Stagers may choose a new paint color, bring in art, or even help you buy new pieces that will work for your new home décor as well. Your stager will likely also recommend a list of things that will help sell your home on time, like installing new light bulbs or even repainting the front door; it all depends on what the homeowner needs.

• Do not be afraid when it comes to asking a real estate investor for a referral to a professional home stager
• Carry out organic searches on any major websites by entering the words: home stager + Houston, home staging + Houston, or even staging a home + Houston
• Look for the most popular staging companies and pay attention to how their past work makes you feel. If you like their past work, pick that stager.


A professionally staged home will always bring out the best in a house. It will enhance the space, features and other functionality so it makes it easier for potential clients to envision themselves living in it. Also, staging helps make each room feel larger, cleaner, brighter and better ‘pulled together’. We stage our homes in Houston with the use of a neutral palette and design to appeal to as many types of buyer as possible. Home Staging can soften any negative aspects in a home or distract buyers from the imperfections it might have.


Most home buyers begin their search online, and this means that the first impression they get of your home will be those online pictures. They say a picture is worth thousands of words, but in the case of home staging, a picture can be worth so much money if it attracts the right buyer. If people do not like what they see online, there is a good chance they won’t even consider view your home. If there is more than one house for sale in your neighborhood, staging can always help your home to stand out from the rest.


Home stagers know exactly how to get the best out of every room. If your home isn’t big enough, professional staging can help buyers to see the openness of your home instead of concentrating on how small it is. Staging can provide all rooms with a clear purpose. A good stager will know how to walk through your property and create a logical and attractive flow for potential home buyers to follow. When buyers see how the space has been used, they are less likely to focus on a small floor plan or unusual layout, and this increases the chances of selling.


While there is a debate on whether home staging actually means higher offers, much research has proved that staging actually sells homes faster. And the faster you sell your home, the sooner you get to move on to the next exciting chapter of your life. Home Staging companies have helped 79% of homes in Houston to sell faster according to RESA. A professionally staged home allows potential buyers to see themselves in the space, and it makes it easier to forgive minor issues because they can already visualize living there.

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