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Home staging, which is essentially temporarily redesigning a home to appeal to buyers, can give homeowners an edge in any real estate market. Staged homes look bigger, newer and warmer. They invite buyers to imagine themselves living in the home and make it easier for them to do so.

As any Houston home stager can tell you, there is no such things as a one-size-fits all staging plan, every home must be considered individually. Staging projects include inexpensive tasks, from rearranging furniture, to slightly more costly tactics such as additional furniture (which may be especially necessary if a home is vacant) Here, however, are some basic tips for staging Houston homes:

Declutter. Declutter. Declutter

If home buyers see cluttered kitchen counters, overcrowded book shelves or even dingy, wrinkled towels, they focus more on these seemingly insignificant dingy details than the architecture and layout of the home.

But staging prep calls for means more than a thorough cleaning and decluttering. Sellers should also remove personal items, like family photographs. Buyers should always be able to picture their families living in the home, not yours.

Make Things Look New

A little paint can go a long way. Light colors make rooms look larger and brighter, so use them to make your home appear more spacious. Wooden floors and cabinetry make big impressions, so make sure they shine. If any wood looks dry or dirty, apply an orange oil for a quick restoration job. Touch of Oranges is a great choice, as it cleans and hides small scratches and removes build-up, fingerprints and grease from cabinetry, wood floors and fixtures.

Hard water stains on glass shower doors and windows also look unattractive – and buyers will notice them – so remove them with a specialized product like CLR, Lime Away or Bring It On Cleaner, which uses oxygen bleach to clean minerals from glass and tile.

Some old hard water stains that are so tough they resist these cleaners will often yield to scrubbing with white vinegar and a non-scratch pad. If you find that vinegar is ineffective, you can use a paint scraper or razor to remove the bonded stains before resorting to harsher chemicals that may be harmful to you, your family and your pets (and maybe even potential home buyers.)

Don’t Overlook Small Details

Little, rather simple home staging touches can go a long way. In the kitchen, bowls filled with fresh fruit create an attractive, colorful centerpiece. Placing vases filled with fresh flowers in the bedrooms and the dining room can add both color and a natural fragrance that is appealing and far less overpowering than artificial scents. Adding candles in the bathroom is immediately reminiscent of a spa. Small touches make the home feel more inviting without offending anyone’s personal design tastes.

Get Professional Help

As we mentioned earlier, there is no such thing as a one size fits all home staging package. Our team can help you stage your Houston home for sale in many ways. Give you a little help, or a lot of it.

We can walk through your home and help you formulate a staging plan that you can then execute yourself. Or we can do all the hard work staging your Houston home for sale. The choice is yours. Whatever you choose there is one thing we can tell you for sure. When your Houston home is effectively staged it will sell faster, allowing you to move on to your new life faster, so you can begin designing a new space to call home.