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In order for your home to sell as quickly as possible for the best price it will need to be staged, at least to a certain degree. But just how much staging does your home need to appeal to the potential buyers? That is a harder decision to make alone.

How To Decide How Much Staging Your Home Needs

Put Yourself in a Buyer’s Shoes

When you decide to sell your home, the focus shifts from what it is you have loved about the place, and what has made you feel at home there to what will work for its potential new owners.

As you will remember from when you bought your current home – or if you are already involved in the search for your next one – the search for a new home is exciting, but also one that can often make home buyers feel pressured. A home is the largest purchase most people make, and it becomes their biggest financial asset, so making sure you ‘get it right’ is as must that can feel overwhelming.

That is where emotion often comes into things. If you can create an ambiance that makes buyers feel at home as soon as they walk through the door (or even up the path or driveway) you will be so much closer to getting that great offer you are hoping for.

To do this, you will need to create a decor style that is as neutral as possible. Anything that is too much of a reminder they are in a stranger’s home, or is so jarring it offends their visual sensibilities won’t let your home make the emotional connection with buyers it should.

View Your Home Through a Camera Lens

When you spend much time in a place, as you do in your home, it is hard to see it objectively. And while we strongly suggest that a professional takes your MLS listing pictures before you get to that stage the trusty camera on your smartphone can be very helpful when it comes to detaching emotionally from your home and seeing it as a first time guest – as in a potential buyer -will.

Take the time to take snaps all over the house, of the most important spaces both inside and out. Then study them carefully. What jumps out at you at first? Do the rooms appear smaller than you thought? Is that living room furniture placement awkward or unbalanced? Do they grab your eye and make you feel proud or are they just “blah”?

Keep the Market in Mind

While there are some things that are true no matter what neighborhood your property is located in, some have variables you can take advantage of when staging your home for sale.

For example, if your property will likely appeal to families because it is near the area’s best schools then they are most likely to be your buyers. To appeal to them all bedrooms should be fully staged for adults and younger people and if you have a bonus room, it would be best to stage it as an all-ages playroom or game room.

If, on the other hand, yours is a property, a condo perhaps, that is most likely to appeal to young single professionals a spare bedroom may be more appealing if staged as a home office and the bonus room into a more sophisticated entertaining area.

Talk to a Pro

The best way to get an objective assessment of your home and a direct line to what your perfect buyer is looking for is to consult a professional home stager. Professional stagers devote all of their time to understanding the market they work in and what buyers in that market respond to best. We’ll be able to give you clear, honest and personalized advice that will help your home stand out from the competition and sell faster for top dollar.