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Home staging is important, and that still holds true in the current market, when many showings are being conducted via Zoom by real estate agents in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The fact that a potential buyer’s first impressions may be via video means that every aspect of the home staging process in some ways becomes even more important, especially when it comes to ensuring that the live-streamed walk through of your space stands out in the minds of viewers and the emotional connection needed to trigger a purchase is still made.

One of the last elements of most home staging projects – especially vacant home staging projects, is setting the right ambiance. By this I mean creating a visual mood and atmosphere throughout the home that makes buyers feel a visceral connection to your home and creates a memorable feeling that will last a long time after the tour is over.

Remember buyers are looking for a home that meets their psychological and physical needs. You are selling a new lifestyle, a new life and a new start, not just bricks and mortar.

Decisions to buy a certain home over others are based on emotion. So when creating an atmosphere, the goal is to stage rooms in a way that creates the right feelings. You want those feelings in line with the goals of your prospective buyer.

Buyers seek a place to feel comfortable, a haven away from the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives. They want a space to show family and friends that they can be proud, and, more than ever right now they are looking for spaces that they will be happy to spend a lot more time in.

Creating all this has always been something of an art that home stagers must perfect, but the fact that these visual messages may only now be conveyed on camera makes it even more so. Here’s a look at how we are achieving this, and you can too.

Create a Feeling In Every Room

Staging each room to create a positive feeling will strengthen your buyer’s visceral connection to the home. The goal is to continually surprise and delight your prospective buyers. Make sure the entryway is as inviting as possible. One way to do this is by putting fresh flowers in the foyer or hallway. No, your prospective buyers can’t smell them through their computer screen but the flowers will trigger their brains to be able to imagine the scent and great flowers are always visually appealing.

Other ambiance creating tricks? In the master bedroom, create a restful and relaxed ambiance. Add a tray on the bed with a newspaper, plates, and napkins. In the master bath, place luxurious looking towels and soap in all the bathrooms to create spa like visuals.

In a child’s room, a stuffed animal tea party will be sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. Create an elegant or dramatic ambiance in the dining room. Do this by setting up the dining room table with the best of your serving pieces. Create ambiance in the kitchen with an open cookbook. If your home has a patio area, make it feel more inviting – and useful – with patio furniture and topiaries.

Use Lighting to Create Ambiance

Lighting plays a critical role in creating ambiance. A well-lit home appears warm, friendly, and inviting, while sub-par lighting will detract from your home. Natural lighting is important, too. Let in some natural light with open drapes and blinds. And excellent lighting is crucial for video, so it’s even more important than ever for virtual showings.

To Create the Right Ambience, Use a Professional Home Staging Company

As you can see, it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive to create the right home staging ambience. Everything is about adding simple touches that make the difference. Want to really nail your home ambiance? Trust the experts at Just Organized by Taya. Request a home staging consultation today.