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One of the most beneficial features to have in your home is an abundance of natural light. It is an ideal tool to make your home feel open, warm and inviting, which happens to be at the top of the list of desired house characteristics of most prospective home buyers!

Not all houses or rooms are blessed with, or constructed with a stream of natural light in mind. Fortunately, in their absence, there are some clever ways you can make the most of the rays which do stream in and offer the illusion of more light!

Paint with Colors That are Bright.

The lighter the hue, the better when choosing an interior paint color for dim spaces. Obviously, white will be your brightest choice, but going for a cream or off-white shade will keep the room warm. Other cool tones like a soft gray or a soothing blue will help make your space soft and friendly while still adding the brightness you need.

These are also great colors for staging a home office space, as they are considered hues that add concentration and reduce stress.

To maximize the natural light in your house, don’t just concentrate on the walls either. Paint your eaves and ceilings white so that they reflect more light into your rooms. To achieve a greater illusion of light in very dim rooms select a ceiling color a few shades brighter than the walls.

Keep Home Spaces Open

By blocking their best light sources, many people cut off the flow of natural light through their homes. Don’t make this mistake! To prevent obstruction of sunlight and allow the light to reach more of the room, move your furniture a few feet away from any glass doors and windows, particularly if you have a home showing coming up.

Your windows are your number one natural light source. Stop covering them with thick curtains or drapes and opt for a breezy material like cotton or linen instead. Find blinds that also give you enough control to filter in more light. And don’t forget to keep the shrubbery trimmed and tidy outside your windows too!

Select the Best D├ęcor a Room’s Light Levels

Making strategic choices for furniture and interior design is an excellent way to improve the natural light in your home. Accessorize your home with reflective surfaces, like tile floors with a shiny polished finish and accent mirrors installed on the wall across from your best windows.

To accentuate natural light instead of overpowering it, go for dimmer artificial lighting choices. Another perfect way to brighten up a dark room is to use lighter colors for furniture, artwork, and other accent items.

Don’t risk your home sale being botched and having to settle for a lower bid because you didn’t know how to get the best out of your natural light. Let the home staging experts at Just Organized by Taya optimize your property’s most valuable home features, including the amount of natural light that floods in! To learn more call 832-271-7608 or contact us here.