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Mainly happy with the decor in a certain room but have found yourself stuck with a boring, blank wall that you know needs something but not quite sure what? Here are a few great ideas that are a little out of the ordinary and yet not too expensive to implement and a fabulous way to express your personal style, something that the best home decorating efforts should always do.

Plate and Tea Tray Art – Do you have a pretty tea tray hanging around somewhere, at the back of a kitchen cupboard perhaps? Then it might be better served adorning your walls than sitting gathering dust.  Great baskets or decorative plates work very well too, and in almost any room. If you are not quite sure where to source great pieces try your local thrift store or flea market. Both are great places to find some very unique things and at prices that are very reasonably priced as well.

To create a look like the one in the large featured image trace your layout onto paper, and then onto the wall, before final placement to help ensure all the pieces are properly lined up rather than wonky and jumbled!




Books as Art – Have you, like so many of us, traded in your paperback reading habit for an eReader and have a pile of books that are gathering dust on a bookshelf somewhere? Remove the covers, frame them and create a literary themed wall of art that will add an air of sophistication – and lots of extra visual interest – to any space. Match the frames to create a cohesive look and arrange them in a pattern that fits the space.

While you could make use of this idea in all kinds of spaces, it’s especially well suited to a study or home office. For example, all those old motivational books you have piled up someplace? Remove and frame their covers, frame and arrange them over your desk and you’ll have great motivating images to fuel your commitment to your work every day.





Magic Molding – A bare wall can be transformed with the addition some great trimwork. For a rather subtle but beautiful approach that is a little out of the ordinary, paint the new trim the same color as your walls. Begin with a simple chair rail, installed about 3 feet up the wall from the floor, then add additional squares and rectangles in a repeating pattern for a focused look that looks expensive but is not.




Hanging Wallpaper – Wallpaper is very pretty but difficult to hang and often a little more permanent than you might like. An interesting alternative is to hang wallpaper strips as pieces of art instead. Use small dowling rods to anchor the top and bottom and then hang each strip on the wall with ribbon.