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What do people really think when they first walk into your home? Are they wowed by your foyer, or impressed by your hallway? Does the entrance to your home match the elegant décor you have strived to create elsewhere in your home?

Too often people neglect the entrance to their homes, allowing it to become a muddle of dirty boots and piles of coats, not exactly the first impression they would want to give their guests but somehow they never quite seem to get around to doing anything about it.

Sprucing up you foyer, hallway or front entrance area does not have to be hard or overly expensive. Here are three simple ways you can transform the space in about an afternoon:

Nix the Clutter

Even if you do not have a handy hall closet ,that is no excuse for everyone’s outwear to be left cluttering up the entrance to your home. Neither is there a reason why that big stack of magazines or unread mail should be there either.

Adding a great storage bench or two will not only help keep the clutter out of sight but still close at hand but will provide an attractive and useful purpose – a place to sit for people to take shoes and coats on and off. A formal coat rack can be a fabulous – and very stylish – addition as well.

Lighten Up

Many hallways and foyers suffer from a distinct lack of light. In fact, walking down some hallways can feel a little like entering some kind of creepy haunted house, even though the rooms beyond may be beautifully furnished and perfectly inviting.

One easy way to add both extra light and an awful lot of extra aesthetic appeal is with the addition of a great modern chandelier. Modern chandelier lighting is still as beautiful as its traditional cousins but can be found on a smaller scale – meaning you do not need a foyer the size of a palace’s to reap the benefits of adding one.

Another option for adding both light and style to a dark hallway is a set of matching wall sconces. These lighting types are available in hundreds of different styles, are often relatively inexpensive and, for a person with a little bit of DIY know-how, not even that difficult to install.

Pick A Theme

Chances are that throughout the rest of your house you have some kind of complementary décor scheme in place. If your foyer does not at least reflect that a little the whole house can look, and feel, a little mismatched.

Try to incorporate elements from the other rooms in your home into your foyer or hallway décor – perhaps by adding a similar lamp to the one you have in living room, or the same shade of paint you have in your kitchen.

These tips can be applied to any home, but if you will be selling your home soon they are especially important. A potential buyer’s very first impression once through your door will be of this area, so it has to be wow inspiring. In this situation, getting the help of a professional stager to help you create that vibe will be well worth the extra investment.