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Although we work with an increasing number of them, we do know that Houston real estate professionals are not always keen to partner with a professional home stager. They may opt to do their own staging or prefer to focus on price, with the claim that pricing is the biggest key to a successful sale. And while we agree that the right pricing is certainly key, Houston home buyers really will only usually pay top dollar for great looking properties. Relying on price only sets up sellers for price reductions, long waits to sell and bitter disappointments.

One of the things we have found that often puts Realtors off incorporating home staging into their listing presentations is they don’t know how to talk about it effectively with their potential clients. From not really understanding the process to not knowing its benefits or costs, they are at a loss to explain why it’s important.

We have found that most Realtors do know that home staging has tangible positive effects, but they don’t know how to sell that. With that in mind here are some pointers.

Be Informed

You can’t sell something if you don’t understand it. Therefore, becoming more informed about just what the home staging process involves is a must. Call a stager – call us – and ask them to explain exactly what the process entails, what the costs involved are likely to be and exactly how to communicate the benefits of staging effectively.

The more you know, the more confident you will be and the better your listings will look. Being well-informed will also bolster your partnership with your home stager and motivate your clients to make the needed changes – it’s a win-win situation!

Be Consistent

If you chose to only use/suggest home staging to sellers whose properties are very dated or in need of some serious help in the decor and organization departments then you risk sending the unwelcome message that their home is exceptionally unattractive, an insulting and frankly unnecessary message to send.

The fact is that home staging has a positive impact on ALL properties – not just the dated ones. By making home staging a part of your process for all listings, you let all of your clients know that the overall appearance and condition of their home has a direct correlation on how fast it sells and for what price point. Homeowners who understand this will be far better motivated to make changes without feeling like they are being singled out or insulted.

Understand Home Staging Is a Marketing Tactic

Professional home staging isn’t just home decorating, it’s a tried, tested and proven marketing tactic. As you make greater and greater use of home staging for your clients you will see for yourself the results that professional home staging can achieve for your properties which will mean when you do discuss it with potential clients, you will be confident about both the process and the results.

We should point out here that a large part of being confident about home staging is finding and partnering with the right partner. Do your research, interview a few stagers and try them out. See which one achieves the best results and works well with you and your team. It’s not just about price – it’s just as much about professionalism, talent and fit.

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