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Installing a new front door can be a real boon when you want to refresh your home’s exterior, especially if you’re considering selling the home the door leads into and are in the process of home staging. After all, one of the first things a prospective buyer sees is the entrance.

If it’s attractive and inviting, a great front door can instantly invoke a more positive attitude towards the rest of the home. And, perhaps just as good is the fact that this is a relatively easy, budget-conscious improvement that can add a real “wow” factor to a home for sale in a single afternoon.

Understanding Front Door Types

When it comes to front doors, there are several installation types available for a homeowner to choose from. Each of them comes along with their own set of pros and cons as well as their fans and haters. Here’s a brief look at the most commonly used so
that you can decide which is best for your needs and budget.

Pre-fit Front Doors

A pre-fit door comes with the hinge pockets pre-cut and aligned with the existing jamb (assuming the same size door is being replaced). This is a door type designed to remove the need to replace the door jamb when changing out a front door. This means that the door jamb needs to still be in excellent condition. You can repaint or re-stain the jamb if needed but if it needs any more than that this may be the wrong door type to opt for. It can be repainted or re-stained if necessary, but any more than that shouldn’t be needed.

Custom-made Front Doors

After years of use doors can settle, sometimes a little—requiring minor tweaking—and sometimes a lot—requiring replacement of the entire entry system. This is where a custom made front door may be the best choice. Replacing a door and its jamb and all the surrounding hardware is a real challenge for even experienced DIY fans, so it’s a job perhaps best left to the pros. In addition, a custom-made door is also almost always a unique installation, something that could help your home stand out from the crowd.

Pre-hung Front Doors

A pre-hung door unit is a rather new construction innovation and has rapidly has become the do-it-yourselfer’s favourite way to replace an entire entry system. Basically, the new door is manufactured pre-hung in new jambs, with weatherstripping systems and hardware included. Pre-hung units are available in standard door sizes at big box home stores (like Lowes) but they can be custom re-built to fit almost any size entry for just a few dollars more.

Although they sound perfect, the only possible downside of a pre-hung door is that it will not be all that unique, as it’s a mass produced, bulk sold item. You can make up for that however by choosing different hardware or painting the door a different colour.

New Front Door Before and After Inspirations

Not sure that a new front door would really make that much of a difference? Check out some before and after examples below and you might just change your mind.