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For pet owners, their fur-kids are a wonderful part of their lives and considered members of their family. Having pets in their home makes the place feel warmer and more comfortable.

Not everyone feels the same way though, and a home with pets can prove to be a turnoff for some potential home buyers who do not have pets and may automatically assume that a home with them will not be in as good a shape as those without.

It’s for this reason that, when staging a home for sale minimizing the signs of a pet’s presence is a must. Doing so can be a little inconvenient it is worth it to increase the pool of buyers and get your home sold quicker, so you and your pet can return to normal – in a new home – as soon as possible.

With all of this in mind here are some things you can do when staging a home with pets so is more appealing to all potential buyers.

Eliminate Pet Stains

Over time, even well house trained pets will leave a few stains or minor damages behind. Perhaps your dog had a few accidents as a puppy that were never quite cleaned up properly, or has chewed at the baseboards a little. Or your cat has taken their claws to the carpet occasionally.

These are little things that you don’t notice, but a non pet owning potential buyer will. Therefore, it’s a must that these blemishes be fixed before potential buyers tour your home.

Vacuum on the Daily

Pets shed, and so making sure that you vacuum and sweep every day is another must. You may be used to a little pet hair, and ignore it, but potential buyers won’t, especially if it is gathered in the corners or along the baseboards. Adding a daily once over of all the floors in your home won’t add too much time to your day but is essential when staging a home with pets. 

Keep Your Vents Clean

Vents actually trap a lot of pet hair, keeping it out of the room. But that means it clogs them up, reducing both its efficiency and aesthetic appeal. Make sure you replace vent filters regularly while your home is on the market for sale and consider investing in a specialized filter designed to handle pet dander.

Hide the Evidence

Things like pet bowls, litter trays and pet toys should be kept out of sight at all times when the home is being shown. Obviously your pet (s) still need to eat, drink and use the bathroom but try to keep everything in one place where it can all be put way easily before showings.

Neutralize the Scent

Over time, we all become accustomed to the unique smell of our own home, so barely notice the odors from last night’s cooking adventures, or the smell that even the cleanest animals have. It is important to neutralize these odors as much as possible though.

A good deep cleaning will help, and after that has been executed occasionally opening windows to air the home out, along with natural odor absorbers like these will help keep those pet smell at bay.

Take Down the Photos

Professional home stagers like myself recommend removing any personal photos from the home, and that includes your furry family members. Even if your home looks and smells wonderful, some buyers will still be turned off if they see evidence of a pet living there in a photo of your dog lying on your bed or sitting on the couch. Put these away until you get to your next home.