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In home staging, an unused room is like a blank canvas waiting to be painted. It can’t be left blank, as how would you tell the story you want to potential buyers like that? Because that is what successful Houston home staging is all about; telling a story that will allow people to imagine just what life will be like if they opt for this home.

But how best to show off that extra space? There are two common options that appeal to a wide range of buyers; an extra bedroom or a home office. Let’s take a look at the two and discuss how the staging effect can be achieved and which might be right for your Houston home for sale.

The Extra Bedroom

According to the 2018 New Housing Survey, conducted by the United States Census Bureau, the size of new build homes in the US is still increasing. Of the 840,000 single-family homes completed in 2018, 376,000 had four bedrooms or more. Even smaller families are often drawn to homes with an extra bedroom, as for them having that extra space to accommodate guests is usually seen as a plus.

Technically then, an extra bedroom should almost sell itself. But that is not always the case, as if it is not staged as a practical, but attractive space homeowners run the risk of presenting buyers with an unappealing box room that may only signal extra work in terms of cleaning!

Given that extra rooms are often smaller than others, they need to be staged with even more care. Effective staging tactics to transform a smaller unused room into a stunningly staged bedroom include all the following:

  • Swap out a king-sized mattress for a queen or even a full to make the space appear larger
  • Incorporate as much natural light as possible
  • Increase the visual perception of room size by painting walls and trim in a light, neutral color.
  • Add just enough furniture to make it clear the space is a bedroom, but not so much that it becomes cluttered or overwhelmed.
  • Don’t make use of gender or age specific decor. The idea is to set a scene that demonstrates the room would be great for any guest to use.

The Home Office

About a decade ago a home office with usually thought of as an added bonus, but rarely an essential. However, now that almost 60% of the US adult workforce has a job that is compatible with at least part-time telecommuting to certain sections of the populations it’s become a must, especially as even after Covid-19 restrictions that have seen even more people work from home experts predict many will continue to do so. This means that a home office is high on many home buyer’s want lists right now.

If you do opt to choose a home office – which we currently often recommend – here are some staging tips to keep in mind:

  • Only add the essentials; desk, chair, bookshelf, maybe an area rug and one stellar, but neutral, piece of art.
  • Do not add paperwork or knick-knacks. Home offices often eventually need some major decluttering anyway, so now is the time to showcase the space at its organized best.
  • Paint the walls calming colors like light blue, soft green or warm beige

Not sure who you need to appeal to? You could – if you have the space – err on the side of caution and incorporate office elements into a bedroom space. Just ensure that you keep furnishings to a minimum and the same for art. The last thing you want to do is create a room that seems busy.

A professional Houston home organizer can be a big help in this situation too. Not only do we have the skills and vision to tell the right story in an unused room, but we also have lots of knowledge about the local markets we work in, so are in a position to help you decide what will best appeal to the house hunting demographic in your area.