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One of the most common trends to hit the world of Houston home decor and interior design in recent years, and one that is common in new build homes – is the all-white kitchen.

It’s also a big favorite with many of those staging their Houston home for sale. If you are trying to de-personalize a kitchen space and re-frame it to appeal to as many people as possible, how can you possibly go wrong with white? Clean, bright and light, what’s not to love?

However, for homeowners – and potential homebuyers – the monochromatic look can be seen as bland, boring and blah. It does not have to be though. Here are just a few ways you can keep the neutral and room enlarging properties of an all-white kitchen while also spicing things up a bit.

Go for a Blend of White Tones

White is white right? Not at all, as a quick trip to the paint department of any home store will quickly demonstrate to you. Blending several of these shades together may not seem like it will make too much of a visual difference but you might be surprised by just how much depth and dimension doing so can add.

Add Texture

Textures and patterns are another way to prevent an all white kitchen from giving off a chilly, hospital-like tone. A rustic or shabby chic finish added to cabinetry, or beveled tiles used to create a backsplash can both be very effective ways to stay white without being too sterile about it. You can also add texture with window treatments, rugs and even kitchen towels that feature interesting to the eye patterns like stripes or plaid.

Highlight a Kitchen’s Beautiful Bones

The very best kitchen spaces are perceived to have great architecture as well as great style. If your kitchen boasts great features like molding, beadboard and/or wainscotting highlight it by painting it a subtly different shade of white. And if it doesn’t? Another trip to the home store and an afternoon of careful DIY can add it relatively inexpensively or you could choose simply to ‘fake it’ by sprinkling in contrasting finishes on surfaces, baseboards or cabinets.

Add Quick Shots of Color

If you are working with a predominantly all white space, a few shots of bright color can have a huge impact in terms of aesthetic interest and can be a fantastic home staging trick when preparing a home for sale. And you don’t even need to go crazy with the paintbrush to do it.

By opting to add color via kitchen accessories and draperies you can add some colorful visuals while also leaving the space neutral enough that any future owners – in the form of homebuyers – will still get a sense that they will be able to take your monochromatic kitchen and make it their own with relative ease.