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As a Houston home seller, these days one of the first pieces of advice you are likely to receive from your real estate agent is that you should consider hiring a professional stager to come in and help you stage your home for sale.

Across the board real estate agents are recommending home staging to their clients. However, some homeowners balk at the idea. Some because they believe their home is in great saleable condition as it is, and that with a little bit of extra tidying up it will show fine. Others reject the idea of having their home professionally staged because they do not want to take on the additional expense at what often is a busy and stressful time.


There are significant benefits to be gained from professional home staging though, it’s not just trendy, a bit of hype or your real estate agent’s attempt to upsell you into commissioning services you don’t need. But just what are the benefits of Houston, TX home staging? Here’s a look at five of the biggest of them:


Home Staging Ensures Your Property is Ready For Its Close Up


The vast majority of Houston home buyers now begin their home search online. Browsing through pages and pages of Internet listings to get a ‘feel’ for the properties available to them in their chosen price range and neighborhood and to ‘rule out’ properties that, based on those first impressions, they don’t think it would be worth their time to see in person. House hunting can be a time-consuming and exhausting business, so any that can be saved is a good thing in the minds of most would be new homeowners.


This means that your home needs to be beautifully represented in those online listings to stand out from all the other listings would-be buyers will be scrolling through.  When a Houston home staging expert professionally stages a house, the result is that it is usually magazine cover ready, meaning it will photograph well and even be video worthy. Virtual walkthroughs are selling tactics increasingly used by real estate agents these days, and a staged home for sale makes for an excellent ‘movie.’



Houston Home Staging Increases the Perceived Value of Your Home


There are two values that the average home for sale has. The first is the actual dollar amount a home seller sets, usually with the help of their real estate agent as an asking price. This figure is generally arrived upon based on solid facts and figures like comparable sales and current local market conditions. The second, perceived value, is a far more subjective value. This value is what a home buyer thinks the home is worth. That perceived value is significantly heightened when a home is professionally staged.


A staged home is more aesthetically pleasing and gives off more of a ‘luxurious’ vibe than one that is not, often resulting in potential buyers viewing it as ‘worth more’ than a similar property that is not. It also gives the impression that it has been better maintained in general, another thing that will add to its perceived value in a home buyer’s mind.



Home Staging Helps Buyers See Themselves ‘There’

As they view different homes for sale, the one thing that every home buyer does is try to imagine what living in the home themselves might be like. Because home staging creates a neutral impression – free of distracting personalizations or the decor preferences of the current owners – it becomes far more comfortable for them to do that and once they can, if they like what they ‘see’ they are far more likely to consider making an offer.

Home Staging Helps Homes Sell Faster

Every real estate agent has two ultimate goals for every property they represent; to get it sold quickly and to get it sold at the best possible price, so anything that can help them achieve that can only be a good thing for both them and their clients. And according to agents, when they have been surveyed, a staged home will often sell faster than one that is not, one of the big reasons why so many of them do recommend that their clients consider home staging.


This is because staged homes are ‘dressed to sell.’ Whether the home staging project has been a small one – a matter of deep cleaning, decluttering and reorganizing an occupied home – or a more significant undertaking like furnishing and decorating a vacant or newly built home – it is ready for its closeup, whether it is being viewed via photographs online or in person.

Home Staging Can Decrease Seller Stress

Every home that hits the market for sale has to be staged to a certain degree. Cleaning and decluttering are musts, and there is almost always a certain amount of rearranging called for as well. When they hire a professional home stager, a seller gains expert help – and often several extra pairs of hands – to do so. As selling a home is inevitably somewhat stressful in general this will all help keep those stress levels to a minimum.


Still on the fence? Want to learn more about Houston home staging? Talk to the team at Just Organized by Taya. We can tell you all about what we do, our past Houston home staging and interior design projects and just what we might be able to do for your home. The right decision for you is easier to make when it’s an informed decision, and Houston home staging will always be more effective when it’s undertaken by an experienced professional. Contact us today to learn more; we’d love to help you get that faster, top dollar sale your Houston home deserves.

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