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Bathrooms and kitchens are very often the spaces that can truly make or break a sale. These are the spaces that every home buyer knows will be the ones that eventually matter the most to their everyday life as they are almost always the busiest, most used rooms in any home. In this knowledge, despite the fact they may have been impressed by a spacious living room or a wonderfully airy bedroom a less than stellar bathroom is likely to raise a red flag.

Bathrooms can, of course, be improved upon and staged ahead of a home hitting the market for sale but there are some bathrooms that present huge challenges that can, on the face of things, seem almost insurmountable. One of the biggest is the windowless bathroom.

A windowless bathroom is more common than you might think, especially in older homes. A great many second, or guest, bathrooms are without windows as are many en suites. Often, even if such major projects were in a homeowner’s budget, adding a window is an impossibility as the space does not have an exterior wall. There are, however some easier, less expensive ways to add charm and aesthetic appeal to a windowless bathroom. Here are just a few suggestions:

Check the Paint Finish

Usually when people paint any interior space in their home their main – and often only – consideration is choosing the right color. The finish is important too though, and this is especially true in a space that is deprived of the flood of natural light from a window. Satin, semigloss, or high-gloss paints are more reflective than flat or eggshell finishes and help light bounce around the room. And as an added bonus these finishes are usually easier to keep clean as well.

Add a Mirror Gallery

The addition of a large mirror is one of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to opening up and adding light to a darker space. However, as most windowless bathrooms are smaller spaces fitting one in can be very difficult. An effective alternative however is the reflective gallery wall.

A reflective gallery wall is simply a collection of mirrored and metallic frames, with or without artwork enclosed within them. All the light created by these reflective surfaces will be almost as effective as that cast by a large single mirror and it’s a fabulous way to add extra visual interest to the space without overwhelming it as well.

Lower Hanging Light Sources

If you have a central ceiling based main light source in your windowless bathroom consider replacing it with a lower hanging pendant light. A source of light that comes from a lowered perspective helps achieve a warmer, more appealing glow that will improve both the light in a windowless bathroom and its general ambiance.

Switch Out the Door

Adding a glass door is another time tested designer trick to add light to a dark, light deprived space but how can you employ that tactic for a bathroom, a room that calls for absolute privacy? The answer is a privacy glass door. When you add such a door all of a user’s privacy is preserved but light can still filter in. And how striking and elegant it will look too, so much better than a boring shower curtain and definitely a selling point!