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UPDATE AND REPAIR Repairs and necessary upgrades must be made prior to your home hitting the market. Consult with your Realtor on how to make low-cost updates that make the greatest impact.

     PURGE, DONATE & SALE – Clutter detracts from the home, making it seem smaller and less orderly for the future homeowners.  Go from room to room with a“trash” bag, a “sell” bag and a “donate” bag. Take one cabinet/drawer/shelf at a time.  Remember, potential buyers will look in your closets and pantry! If you need help,  consult a professional home organizer. 

     SIMPLIFY – Take note of all items on horizontal surfaces, especially shelves.  Drastically limit what you have out until your home almost looks sparse.  You want the future buyers to envision their own things in your home and not to be reminded you still live there.  Keep necessities like a coffee maker on the kitchen counter or hand soap dispensers by the sinks.  Remove everything that isn’t a simple decor item or absolutely necessary.

     DEPERSONALIZE YOUR HOME – A friend of mine went to see a home she was interested in and saw several pictures of the current owners.  She couldn’t mentally envision living there because the pictures already told her the story of the family that occupied it.  For that reason, take down all pictures of your family.

     MAXIMIZE SPACE – Rearrange furniture in each room to maximize the space and to designate the purpose of that room.  Make every room look as large as possible!

     WINDOW TREATMENTS – Take down fussy window treatments and replace them with light and airy treatments that add a simple touch and let lots of light in.  Open up curtains and blinds for all showings!

     WHITE TOWELS – Purchase new white towels for the bathrooms to give them a clean, spa-like feel.  You can get low-cost but good quality towels at Walmart and even use them in your new home.

     FLOWERS & HOUSEPLANTS –   Whether real or fake, they give the house a sense of color and help buyers to envision living in the home.

     HANG MIRRORS – If you have walls that are sparse, add some decorative mirrors.  They will fill in the space while making the room seem much bigger.

     ENGAGE THE SENSES – You not only want to pay attention to what the potential buyers see, but also to what they smell and hear.  Remove any hint of odors from any rugs or carpets and be sure to empty all trash cans before a showing.  Run an essential oil diffuser for a subtle calming scent and you can even play music in the background.

     SET THE TABLE – Have the table set for showings even if it means that your family eats their meals at a breakfast table for a couple of days.  A set table will help the buyer envision the meals they have to look forward to in the evenings in their new home.

     LIGHT & AIRY – Aim for a light and bright look.  Open windows and turn on lamps as more light will make the space seem larger.

     CLEAN THE CARPETS – Even if they seem like they don’t need it, you will be surprised how much carpets and rugs can benefit from a good shampooing.

     REMOVE TRACES OF PETS – That includes any dog hair on furniture, water bowls, food bowls and definitely don’t have them on the property while it is being shown.  You might have the cleanest dog on earth but the potential buyer doesn’t know that.  Also, you don’t want your pet to be a distraction if it is barking during the showing.  So what do you do with your pet?  I know it’s a hassle but I’d suggest taking your pet with you during a showing or seeing if your neighbor could watch your pet for a few minutes.

     DEEP CLEANING – Once everything has been decluttered and organized, it’s time to give yourself a break and bring in a cleaning crew.  You owe it to yourself and you’ll be surprised at how great the house looks!

     PROFESSIONAL IMAGES – Get a realtor who uses a professional photographer.  Even better, find one who offers videography as well. 

     DAILY LIST – Make a daily checklist to stay prepared for a showing.  Keep up with the laundry, do dishes, sweep the kitchen, wipe bathroom mirrors.  You will be thankful you kept up with some of these items when you have an unexpected showing and only a few minutes to get ready.

     PLACES TO GO – If you have little ones at home, make a mental checklist of places you can go during a showing whether it be to a park, to get frozen yogurt, to feed the ducks at a nearby duck pond, etc.

     CATCH LAST MINUTE CLUTTER – Have a laundry basket handy for the items you don’t have time to put up right before a showing.  Throw them in the laundry basket and put the laundry basket in the back of your car when it’s time to leave.

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