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Holiday occupied home staging is a fine balancing act for those trying sell their home, yet wanting to celebrate the holiday season in some way.

The holiday season can be an emotional time for many people, but if you set the stage with warmth, neutral and tasteful holiday decorations and understated holiday style you are sure to arouse those warm fuzzy feelings in prospective buyers and even help them fall in love with your property faster

Before You Begin Holiday Occupied Home Staging

Before doing any holiday home staging, you should have decluttered, depersonalized, cleaned, and completed any unfinished repair projects around the house. it’s essential that you start off with a clean slate before you add any holiday decorations to your home decor.

Home staging is all about neutralizing and paring down to make your home look larger and more appealing to as many people as possible. Holiday home staging should be about enhancing your home’s best features, not hiding them away behind seasonal adornments, however attractive.

Cramming every nook and cranny of your home with Christmas decorations will not only make your home look cramped and cluttered, buyers may miss important details and focal points if they’re suffocating under layers of tinsel, plastic greenery, and Christmas elves.

This means that this year is not the right time to set out little Jane’s cardboard manger scene she made in second grade, or John’s army of cotton ball snowmen, however much sentimental value they hold. Now is the time to pack them away safely so you can sell your home and have a wonderful new home to display them in next year.

Holiday Occupied Home Staging Basics

Holiday occupied home staging is not about abandoning all holiday decorating. In fact, when it’s dome right it’s quite the opposite. It shipley means spring down your seasonal decor and making good use of impersonal, tasteful holiday decorations to enhance your home and help prospective buyers see the holiday magic that could be created there if they choose to buy.

Color Schemes for Holiday Home Staging

If you’ve already neutralized the color palette of your home in preparation to sell, you have created a good backdrop for the types of holiday decorations you’ll need to add. To avoid color clashes you should stick to white, gold, or silver color schemes, which will complement any home decor and always look very elegant and sophisticated anyway.

In addition to store bought holiday decorations you can also make use of objects from nature like pinecones, fir boughs, holly, cinnamon sticks, baskets, glass, driftwood, and chestnuts

Highlight Your Homes Focal Points

Decorating any home interior should always begin with locating the focal point(s) of a room. This applies to holiday home staging, as well.

Highlight these special features with holiday decorations, so that home buyers can’t help but notice them.

Here are just a few focal point Christmas decorating ideas:

  • Place a Christmas tree in the center of a beautiful bay window;
  • Accessorize fireplace mantles with white candles, a fir garland, lanterns, glass canisters filled with neutral colored Christmas ornaments, or those objects from nature;
  • Hang mistletoe or a single beautiful ornament in an arched doorway;
  • Place a candelabra in a windowsill to highlight a lovely focal point window.

The Christmas Tree

A large Christmas tree can make any room look even smaller. If you must have a tree, choose a small skinny one or a tabletop tree.

A tall tree will visually lower an already low ceiling, but if you have a two-story space for your Christmas tree, by all means, show off the ceiling height with a tall tree! Just be sure the base of tree doesn’t overwhelm or interrupt traffic flow through the room.

Use neutral holiday decorations on your Christmas tree. Select impersonal Christmas ornaments like clear glass balls, icicles, white ribbon, birds, snowflakes, and pine cones.

Holiday Home Staging and Christmas Lights

Avoid garish colors or tacky blinking Christmas lights when doing your holiday home staging. Now is not the time to try channeling your inner Clark Griswold (actually, it’s never a good time to do that but I digress…)

White lights are always elegant and can be used to draw attention to special architectural features in your home. String white Christmas lights along arched windows or tray ceilings to emphasize these kinds of positive details. Use icicle style lights to accentuate your front entrance detailing outside and welcome buyers in charming seasonal style.

Need help with holiday occupied home staging? The Just by Taya team are holiday home styling experts – and we love what we do – and are ready and able to help you get your home ready to sell and ready to enhance your own enjoyment of the holidays too. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you.