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Flow is a term that is referred to a lot in the world of interior design. It’s also heard a lot when discussing home staging, and it’s something that experienced real estate agents and savvy home builders understand as well. But just what is home staging flow and why is it so important to achieve it when staging a Houston home for sale?

Flow Two Ways

There are actually two ways to describe home staging flow:

The Flow of People

Perhaps the more important of the two home staging flow types is the flow of people through a space. How its occupants can move through the home is a crucial aspect of home staging that has to be addressed in every room.

In good home staging, how people will move through the room has been visualized, and the space has been staged to guide them through it. To move comfortably around the various pieces of furniture placed in a room a person needs at least eighteen to twenty inches of space. If that space is not available the room – and navigating it – feels claustrophobic and ‘squished’, and not something that will appeal to potential home buyers.

This means that furniture selection becomes every bit s important as furniture placement when staging a home. For example, a coffee table that is just an inch or so too big could lead to the space looking and feeling cramped, where a smaller choice would have opened things up.

Flow also comes into play when staging spaces in a home that are not well-defined. In recent years there has been a trend in architecture and home construction towards open layouts, especially in common living areas. Staging these spaces can be particularly challenging.

What experienced home stagers do however is set up vignettes of space – mini-rooms within a room if you like – that are designed to help people understand how to flow through them, use them, then flow back into the larger space with ease.

The Flow of Design Through the Home

Almost as important as the flow of people through a home is the flow of design. Imagine a home that boasts a thoroughly modern kitchen and dining room – full of contemporary furniture and stainless steel appliances – that then also has a bedroom filled with chunky dark wood furniture and heavy drapes.

All of this would be rather jarring on the eye, wouldn’t it? Not to mention confusing to the brain. Is this a contemporary home or a traditional one? And the last thing any home seller wants is a confused potential home buyer.

Expert home staging provides a consistent design feel throughout the space, a proper flow. To achieve that several crucial aspects have to be addressed; paint colors and overall color schemes, furniture styles, and flooring. Therefore, a home stager will often suggest that paint colors be changed, so they match or that an attractive – but out of place – piece of furniture be replaced with something that fits the design flow of the home better.

Achieving great home flow alone can be hard, whether you are staging a home for sale or simply trying to make the most of it for your own use and pleasure. That’s where home staging and interior design experts like the Just Organized by Taya team come in. We help homeowners achieve that perfect flow without decreasing the visual appeal of the space, leading to a house that is both functional and attractive. Contact us to discuss what we can do to help you sell your home, and sell it faster at a higher price.