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If you look at pictures of any beautifully designed or beautifully staged home it is almost a certainty that you will spot at least one or two plants and/or flowers in the space. And that’s for very good reason, as Mother Nature really does produce some of the most beautiful designs of all, and incorporating flowers and plants into any home decor, or home staging project adds an element of beauty and ‘life’ into the space and creates a welcoming feeling while also enhancing elegance. But just where can these natural elements be used to the best effect, whether you are staging your home to appeal to others or styling it to please yourself? Here are just a few ideas, with some examples of our work to help you better envision what we mean.

The Front Door

Adding a little greenery is one of the easiest ways to make almost any front entrance feel more appealing and welcoming. Outside a carefully placed pot of colorful flowers will brighten things up and add interest to your home’s all important curb appeal. Inside you can fill an awkward corner in the entryway with a tall plant or, if you have room, flank the door with two tall plants to create a welcoming ‘guard’.

Dining Table

No dining room table or breakfast nook is complete without the right centerpiece. Even when staging a home, I always stage the table so it looks warmer and more inviting, so that a potential buyer can easily imagine themselves enjoying a wonderful meal there. The right centerpiece brings it all together and I opt for a bouquet that fits the size and scale of the table. It’s always an elegant choice that will give your dining area a more finished look.

Coffee Table

The addition of a coffee table is a ‘trick’ that home stagers and home decorators – myself included – make use of often to draw an arrangement of furniture together and add both a hint of style and functionality to the space. But no coffee table should be left bare, and a simple, but striking floral arrangement is often all you need to add cheam and interest to a space without breaking the neutral spell that good home staging creates.

The Bathroom

To create a more luxurious and spa-like vibe in your bathroom, – and to help plant that vision into others minds if you are selling your home – place some flowers on the vanity or in the corner of the tub. Even a small bathroom can get an instant facelift if a small flower arrangement is placed next to the sink.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is the one place in the home where most of us finding ourselves spending more and more time. Not just to cook but to eat in a more casual style or just to hang out after a long day catching up with the rest of the household. Therefore, it needs to be a space that is enjoyable to spend time in, and the addition of a small floral arrangement can add color and style as well as a relaxing sense of warmth, especially if your space is filled with stainless steel appliances and/or a large expanse of cabinets, which alone can be rather cold.