Vacant Home Staging

Did you know that vacant properties that are staged sell 79% faster than those that are left bare and empty?

Or that over 77% of house hunting home buyers find it easier to visualize a vacant home as their ‘future home’ when it is properly staged?


The value of Houston vacant home staging is hard to overstate. And it is not all about just creating a ‘pretty picture’ to present to the world. Vacant home staging can also help minimize a home potential flaws and maximize its biggest assets.


For example, when a vacant home is shown without furnishings it actually appears smaller. That may sound a little odd but it’s actually true. Houston vacant home staging opens up the rooms it is implemented in while reducing that terrible echoing sound a vacant home has and adding welcoming warmth that home buyers will notice immediately.


Walking through an empty home also makes it extremely difficult for any potential buyer to try to determine if the space suitable for their furnishings. And of course, vacant homes photograph very badly when compared to those that have been staged, and as 88% of Houston home buyers begin their search online fabulous photography in any home listing is a must.


Houston Vacant Home Staging – Our Process


Before we begin, our team of experienced, skilled and endlessly creative Houston home stagers will evaluate the vacant home space and help determine which rooms will benefit the most from staging. Typically this will include the living room, kitchen, any dining areas and any spaces that might be confusing for buyers.



After our walkthrough we will discuss with you the length of time you would like the home staged for, your budget and answer any and all questions you might have. Only then, when we have a full understanding of the task at hand will we present a final proposal. After that though, we can move fast!


We will select the furnishings, accessories and decor touches that we believe best fit the space and will showcase it to the best possible effect. We will then source everything needed, arrange the best possible pricing for rental items and arrange for delivery. We take care of everything.


When the decor arrives we will be there to supervise delivery and then get to work creating Houston vacant home staging looks that will have your home looking its best and ready for its debut on the market.


When the home is sold we will arrange for the pick up of all rented items and for the return of the home to its original, clean and vacant state, ready for the new owners to come in after the closing and begin making the space their home.

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