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More and more people are coming to realize the importance of staging your home for sale in order to provide would be buyers with a better idea of what the home could look like if they were to live there. Houston home staging creates a solid vision of the future for a buyer, helping define how a space can be used or allowing them to connect with the home. And home staging is particularly effective when it comes to selling new build homes. Here are some very important reasons why.

An Empty New Home is a Cold Home

In the Houston area, as is the case in property markets across the country, older homes do have certain immediate advantages, in the eyes of buyers at least, over new builds. These older, well-loved homes come along with a comfortable, lived-in feel that provides a sense of calm for a prospective buyer.

They can see how in an older home how the previous owners interpreted the space and how the house became a home for them – where memories were made, where space was changed to fit their needs, or where a unique characteristic of the architecture was transformed into a standout feature.

New homes can’t compete with this naturally. New construction home builders can (and often do) build amazing homes that have all the latest and greatest amenities and home tech, but there is an inherent sense of rather cold blankness that comes with an empty new home that buyers can find off-putting.

New build home staging can recreate a sense of homeliness where there has yet to be any through expert visualization. A well-staged new home will invite the buyer into a world where they can, for however long, forget that this is a new home and step into a space that feels like a warm, welcoming an inviting home.

Answer Some of a Home Buyer’s Burning Questions

When potential buyers walk into an empty new home all kinds of questions start popping into their minds; where would the dining room table go?, Would a king size bed fit in this second bedroom? Could we turn this space into a home office? and many more.

An empty home cannot answer those questions, but a well-staged home can. Working with a professional Houston home stager gives you access to someone who can take a look at the various rooms in the new home and decide how it should be arranged in order to give the most information to a buyer – while sometimes answering questions they didn’t even know they had.

For example, if there is a space that is designed as a spare bedroom but could also be used as a home office, staging as such could give busy young professionals a space they didn’t even know was possible, giving your home a leg up in their decision process.

Help Your Property Make a Lasting Impression

Because everyone has busy lives and limited time most home buyers will usually see several properties in the course of a single day, and, often these properties will vary in age and style while being in reasonably close proximity of one another.

Another disadvantage that a new build home has is that while it may be structurally beautiful if it is blank and empty it’s just not memorable. Many home buyers now document their house hunting trips so they do not have to rely solely on memory when weighing up their options later, but what are a series of photos of blank rooms going to remind them of? Not a lot.

New home staging creates spaces that ARE memorable, and so that, in conjunction with the builder’s great craftsmanship and attention to detail, will give any new build Houston home and advantage, not a disadvantage, when homeowners are deciding which properties are worth further consideration.