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When staging – and marketing – your home for sale, focal points are important because they tell the buyer where to look and what to concentrate on. A buyer will notice the positive attributes of your home when staging is used correctly, and just as importantly, they will not remember the less attractive aspects that all homes have.

Contrary to what many people think, it’s not logic or reason that prompts people to buy a home, it’s an emotional process. It is so much easier to elicit THE FEELING from customers to make them want to buy when your home is well decorated and has good focal points. That is what home staging is really all about.

Creating Fixed Focal Points

Only one focal point should be used in each room; the one place that attracts the eye instantly and naturally. Things like fireplaces, dramatic light fixtures, built-ins, contrasting kitchen islands, and other architectural features are all examples of fixed focus points. These are the best focal points, since they are also some of your home ‘s permanent features so buyers will know they’ll be getting them as a part of the deal.

Using Artwork as a Focal Point

If the room lacks architectural detail, great imagery can be used to build a focal point. Artwork hung over a sofa or a bed provides a focal point and also helps to create a sense of style.

Making it big is the secret to using art as an important focal point! You don’t need 100 little things, you just need one big thing. How big? The artwork should be 2/3 the width of whatever it’s hanging over for typical rooms. This may be one big piece grouped together or 2-3 smaller pieces.

Accessorize, Accessorize

This may seem a little strange, as the common – and smart – home staging advice you’ll receive at the start of the project is to depersonalize the space and remove many of your possessions to the point that your home feels a little empty.

So, once that’s done, yes, a professional home stager will add some accessories back into the space. Sounds crazy, but there’s an art to being a home stylist. If you look at TV sets, they’ve all been styled to help strengthen the mood of the show or character. When we are looking at using accessories and art, it is all to strengthen the mood of “Contemporary, Stylish, Elegant Home”.

Here is the why and how accessories work to present your home better than you non- or poorly- staged competition:

1) Bigger is Better. Often people add these large groups of very little things that tend to look quite messy in listing photography. Use accessories to make a strong style statement. Fewer, larger, strategically placed items have the best impact.

2) Think in Twos and Threes: If you see an accessory that comes in 2-3 sizes, grab it. It always looks good. Vases, candlesticks, decorative boxes, etc.

3) Color Story Counts. If your walls and/or furniture are colorful, stick to white and silver accessories so that they will pop off the walls. If your walls are very light, use accessories to help strengthen your accent color; apple green, blue or red are great accent colors. Pick one color and stick with it.

4) Mix Textures. You can add additional aesthetic appeal by mixing something shiny with something rough, ceramic with something organic. Try to mix materials when arranging.

The homes that sell the best are the ones that best meet not only the needs, but the desires and wishes of the target buyer. Decor and styling absolutely tell the buyer that your home will offer that easy, elegant and serene lifestyle that almost every buyer is longing for.