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Decluttering, organizing, deep cleaning and staging your Houston home are all musts if you are hoping for a quick sale at the asking price you are hoping for. Doing all of this not only presents your home in its best light but it also helps potential home buyers more easily envision the place as their home. But staging your refrigerator? I’ve gone crazy right? No, I haven’t. Allow me to explain.

Home buyers like to poke around when they are viewing a home for sale. They look inside closets, kitchen cabinets, under rugs, and yes, even in the refrigerator. In most cases this is an appliance that will be included in the sale, and for some buyers the idea that the first thing they will have to do when they have purchased the home is spend even more money on new appliances is not an appealing one. So yes, you need to stage spaces – like your refrigerator – that you perhaps never imagined you would have to.

So, how would a professional home stager stage your fridge? Here are some tips. And by the way, even if you aren’t selling your home. this could be a great weekend project as living with a clean, good looking, organized refrigerator is a great thing in general.

Begin with a Big Clean

The last thing you want is for a curious home buyer to open up your refrigerator only to be greeted by a cluttered mess, sticky stains and/or bad odors. Therefore when the rest of the kitchen is being cleaned and staged the fridge is a place you should include in the process.

Begin by taking everything out of the fridge, including all the drawers and shelves. Scrub away stuck on gunk and make sure that the little nooks and crannies that every fridge has are clean and gunk free too. To get rid of any odors get yourself a good old-fashioned box of baking soda and remember to place it, open, in the fridge once you start putting things back.

Before you do that however, make sure the exterior is clean as well. If you have stainless steel appliances, make the outside shine with a stainless steel cleaner (that won’t leave streaks behind), and take time to scrub away sticky fingerprints.

Declutter and Reorganize Your Food

After you’ve cleaned the refrigerator, it’s time to put the food back inside. While you’re doing this, look for any spoiled or expired food items and throw them in the trash. You should also consider moving nonperishable cans or bottles, such as soda or bottled water, to the pantry to free up room for items that really need refrigeration.

To keep things looking tidy and organized, put leftovers in stackable, square containers (round containers typically take up more space), and use bins to organize similar items.

Depersonalize Your Refrigerator’s Exterior

When it comes to the exterior of your fridge, less is better. Store any personal items, papers and photos that were hanging on your fridge in a box and remove all those magnets. Present the fridge as a blank canvas that buyers can then imagine how they might personalize themselves!