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Deciding whether to hire a Houston home stager isn’t always an easy decision. In an attempt to keep as much money as possible from the sale of their home, there’s a tendency for Houston homeowners to cut back on any added fees or expenses as much as possible, and this often includes skimping on staging, even though they have likely be advised to invest in it by their real estate agent.

However, when it comes to home staging, that could be a big mistake. Tons of research indicates that the need for a home stager in 2020 is even more important than ever in an era when Pinterest and Instagram influence homebuyers and their expectations as much as MLS listings do.

Some homes call for home staging even more than others. Here are a few questions to consider if you are still on the fence about whether to hire a Houston home stager.

Does the Sales Price of Your Home Place It Into the Luxury Range?

If so, then hiring a home stager is almost a must. Not only is the competition among higher-priced homes even more dramatic than it is in more affordable areas, but potential buyers expect to be seriously impressed.

They are looking for homes that resemble the high end homes they see in glossy decor magazines and, given they will be paying a premium price they will be unwilling to consider any home that does not meet their expectations.

Does Your Property Have Problem Areas?

For example, some older homes may have eight-foot flat ceilings, smaller bedrooms and other age-related amenities that have fallen out of favor with the modern homebuyer. Hiring a professional problem-solver in the form of a home staging professional is a good investment to help make sure you get top dollar for your property without breaking the bank. We can access the home with ‘buyer’s eyes’ to determine which aspects might not be as appealing as they should be in 2020 and brainstorm ways to overcome the problem to create a home decor scheme that will appeal to the widest range of Houston home buyers possible.

Was Your Property a Cookie-Cutter Model?

New homes are nice, but they often all look very similar, and have little to distinguish them from every other home in the neighborhood. The challenge for these homes is to stand out from the crowd in order to attract attention and seal the deal. A home stager can create looks both indoors and out that can do that very successfully.

The bottom line here is that in this day and age the benefits of hiring a home stager far outweigh the cost for almost any homeowner, and if you are hoping to sell your Houston home as quickly as possible and for at, or even above, your desired asking price then every penny spent on Houston home staging will be money very well spent.