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Whenever Houston home staging is discussed – and indeed home staging in general – the importance of making use of neutral paint colors tends to be emphasized. And nothing could be more neutral than white.

White may be the most commonly used neutral paint color, but that does not mean it’s boring. That’s because not all whites are the same. Each shade offered has its own undertone, which becomes more apparent when the paint is applied to the wall.

If you walk into any paint store, or even just the paint departments at stores like Home Depot or Lowes, you’ll find that there are dozens and dozens of whites to choose from. So many that it can quickly become very confusing. To help you, I’ve assembled this little cheat sheet featuring some of my favorite shades of ‘staging white’.

Du Jour

Valspar’s Du Jour is a very classic white that boasts just a hint of gray. The shade works well in any room and pairs nicely with other neutrals, pastels, or even brighter colors.

White Dove

Benjamin Moore’s White Dove is one of the company’s bestselling whites and it’s not hard to see why. Some whites are too bright for many rooms – especially those that already receive plenty of natural daylight – but this shade is just cool enough, as it has a hint of gray that softens it. It also does not yellow when it dries, something that some white shades do.

Swiss Coffee

Another offering from Valspar, this white is an excellent choice for large bedrooms or living rooms that need to feel more welcoming. It has a nice warmth that will help achieve that easily and it pairs very well with the pastel shades that many homeowners have chosen for their bedrooms.

Wimborne White

Farrow and Ball is an English company, and this paint is named after the town in the south of England the company is based in. The town is known for being a bright, sunny tourist haven in the summer and the tiny amount of yellow in this shade of white reflects that. This shade is excellent for adding light and warmth to darker spaces and has a nice warmth that can soften a very angular, contemporary look perfectly.

Delicate White

Delicate White by Olympic is one of the best choices you can make if you need to touch up trim, windowsills or other similar details. It’s cool and creamy without being too stark and it will complement almost any color it is used alongside.

White Paint Selection Tips

Whatever white shades catch your eye, testing them out at home before you buy them is a must. As I mentioned earlier, the undertones in any white shade tend to become more prominent once applied, so the shade you see on the paint chip might turn out very differently. The good news is that most paint stores do offer those tiny sampler paints. Make sure you paint an area of two to three feet square though, to get a proper feel for the way the color would look if it was the option you eventually chose.